Allie Grant

Allie Grant


2/14/1994, Tupelo, Mississippi, USA

Birth Name

Allie Grant


  • Allie Grant on Suburgatory Season 2.
  • Allie Grant on Suburgatory season 1.
  • Allie Grant on Suburgatory.
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Allie Grant was born on February 14, 1994 in Tupelo, Mississippi. She's a Valentine's Day baby! Her parents are Bob and Angie Grant. She has a recurring role as Agnes on Disney's hit show "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and has guest starred on the hit…more


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  • Allie

    You're gonna be 20 in a months time and are present for a lot of people since years thanks to fact of your great appearance and acting. Seeing you in the Season 3 opening of Suburgatory makes me wonder what changed in a years time. It was a wealth watching a young actress differentiating herself from the rest by being a natural, real person underneath a role.

    Unfortunately, obviously - and no offence - this is changing. Well, one might take it to the fact you're growing up, grown up taking into consideration that this winter's season premiere was filmed last year and even before that you were not a girl being the supporting actress but already a woman. However, I got really startled when I saw your first appearance this year and despite of what other's might tell I'm pretty scared of the slim appearance.

    It's your life, I know, and it's not on to me being a nick from around the internet to give you feedback on your personal decisions. Anyway, I felt like I should. We don't know each other, possibly and most likely never will, so it's totally up to you to take it from a stranger: People change when they grow up and even after they're supposed to be grown up and mirroring their journey is what carves their own existence as mirroring others is shaping theirs. Please do not get impressed by amass of unified individuals following a uniform appearance ideal.

    Keep on growing and best wishes.moreless
  • Amazing young Actress!

    This girl is very talented! I have seen her on Weeds and Disney's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. She is pure Amazing. As Isabelle in Weeds she had amazing gestures and actions, I also love her in Zack and Cody, she is more humourous in that. I LOVE Allie Grant!