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  • Really great writing, showing a true understanding of some very moving topics

    Ms Abner's writing is always great. After watching the Without a Trace episode 'Suspect' again last night, I found myself waiting for the final scene in which Malone has found the missing boy after tricking Spaulding into revealing his location.

    Malone has spoken very convincingly about his understanding Spaulding's need to physically possess the beautiful young men who attend his private school. As usual, Malone's acting is outstanding, and the viewers can easily see that he's disgusted with what he's saying.

    But after the boy is located, Spaulding asks for his time alone with the young man, and Malone lets him know that the promise was a lie all along.

    Malone walks away by himself, towards the nearby bushes and, without another word, suddenly leans forward and vomits explosively.

    That single scene so perfectly recaps the entire story of the episode, and I think Ms Abner is to be commended on it.moreless