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  • Allison Balson was the best replacement character ever on this show. She was adopted when Nellie got married and moved. Harriet was lonely with no little girl to spoil, until she found "her" and Nancy came to Walnut Grove.

    Very talented actress. It's never easy for an actress to fill the shoes of a strong lead character on a hit TV show, but when Allison playing Nancy was hand picked by Harriet out of the orphanage, I was so excited, because I knew this kid was going to be another trouble maker for the town of Walnut Grove. She played that Nancy character with her own charm, style, and devilish twinkle. Nancy Oleson was such a little spoiled brat, but oh how I loved her antics! Allison is an amazing talent in music as well. I can't wait to see her on TV again! She's definitely one of my favs.