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  • Allison Balson remarkable and brilliant talent. No one else could have played the role of nasty Nancy any better. She's a joy to watch on screen, and this character is one we all love to hate on the Prairie.

    Allison Balson is a remarkable talent. I watched her on Little House when I was growing up and now my kids watch the show. It's such a great family oriented program, and we enjoy watching the shows together and then talking aboutn them. I still laugh when I watch some of the episodes she was on. My favorites are: For the Love of Nancy, and of course the two episoder The Reincarnation of Nellie. And then there were times when you thought Nancy might have learned a lesson and would change her ways, but Nancy was always Nancy, and that's why her character worked so well. She played a classic TV character brilliantly, and she is a wonderful actress.