Allison DuBois

Allison DuBois


1/24/1972, Phoenix, Arizona

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Allison is a native to Arizona and has lived their almost her entire life. After graduating from High School, Allison attended Arizona State University and recieved a B.A. in Political Science and worked as an intern for the District Attorney's office. When Allison was a Child she discovered…more


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    • Allison prefers to be called a "Medium" or a "Profiler" rather than a "Psychic" due to what she conciders negative stereotypes that are connected with that word.

    • Allisons book Don't Kiss Them Goodbye detailing her life and secret abilities is what drew the attention of developers at NBC and is what directly lead to the production of the Show.

    • Like seen on Medium, Allison and her husband have three daughters. Allison has come to believe that they may have inherited her powers.

    • Like portrayed in the show, Allisons husband is an Aerospace engineer named Joe. He recently retired from the profession.

    • Is a well known psychic and has used her abilities to assist the police on many occasions. Her exploits are the basis for Hit NBC drama Medium with her being portrayed by Patricia Arquette.

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