Allison Holker

Allison Holker


2/6/1988, Minnesota

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  • Allison Holker, a Jazz/Contemporary/Broa...
  • Allison Holker, a Jazz/Contemporary/Broa...
  • Allison Holker, Jazz/Contemporary/ Broad...
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Allison Holker was born in Minnesota on 2/8/88. She has always wanted to be a dancer. She has appeared in Disney's High School Musical as cheerleader, as well as making it to the Top 8 on FOX's Hit show "So You Think You Can Dance" She categories her…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Where is she now?

    I know she has choreographed some stuff on So You Think You Can Dance(as an assitant I think) but otherwise I don't know where she has been. I really wonder. While on So You Think You Can Dance, she was absoutely breathtaking. Amazing chemistry with her partners, escpecially Ivan. She was one of the most versatile girls, if not the most versatile girl, actually. Her solos were some of the best on the show, I will never, ever, forget this girls solos no matter what. I hope she will make it far in the world of dance, because she has so much to contribute to it. Woot!moreless
  • I met Allison Holker!

    Allison Holker was the best female dancer on So You Think You Can Dance during season 2. She was truely AMAZING! One of my favorite dances she did was the hip hop dance she did with Ivan to the song Sexy love. In person she is a very hyper and slightly crazy person. I met her at the NYCDA convention in phillidelphia when I was there for the competition and convention. She was backstage while we were performing and she also assisted many of the classes I took. Travis and Ivan were also there when I went. They taught hip hop. Allison is amazing!!!!!!moreless