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  • Where's the wedding?

    Since Allison Janney made a recent appearance on Ellen DeGerenes show, I couldn't stop thinking about her. When she appear on the show, she was gorgeous. I wrote a few letters to her. I hope she gets them. I heard that she going to marry someone, who I haven't heard. Listen, he's not the only guy who head over heels in love with her. I'm head over heels in love with her too. she's a very hot actress! I know, because I saw "West wing" a few times and she very gorgeous. she's a wonderful actress. I like that in her too.
  • Allison isn't in enough!

    Allison Janney is beautiful, talented, and underrated! She steals any scene she's in, in anything, with anyone! She's got the versatility one needs to make it to the top, and yet, she's not a household name! That's a shame. I love everything she's done, from her work in American Beauty to Drop Dead Gorgeous, and, of course, The West Wing. I hope that after The West Wing, she starts making more movies and everyone in America learns who this amazingly talented actress is.