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    For those of you who are wondering why some of the previously posted information is gone, I've cleaned out most of the irrelevant or redundant trivia and quote items and tidied up the guide by consolidating related blurbs in an effort to remove clutter from the guide.

    The following were deleted:

    • Appearances/attendance in charity events, movie premieres, benefit concerts, brithday parties, etc. Every celebrity attends some event almost everyday and need not be mentioned in this guide.
    • Trivia and Quotes without context
    • Irrelevant trivia items
    • Duplicate entries
    • Mention of interviews/magazine articles she was featured in. Every celebrity is often featured in articles and need not be mentioned in this guide.
    • News items/future events/celebrity's plans
    • Trivia which already appear in the bio

    The following were consolidated:

    • Physical attributes
    • Loves and Likes
    • Favorites
    For any questions, kindly send me a PM. Thanks!
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