Allison Scagliotti





9/21/1990 , Monterey County, California, USA

Birth Name

Allison Glenn Scagliotti




Allison Scagliotti, more popularly known as Mindy Crenshaw on Nickelodeon's Drake & Josh, has been in the acting business ever since her early teens. She spent her early childhood in Monterey, California where she was born before her family moved to Mandeville, Louisiana. Even at an early age, Allison had a penchant for the performing arts and was involved in Pontchartrain Elementary School's talent drama department at age five. Appearing on stage became an outlet for her tendency to put on a show. In 2001, she and her parents returned to California to explore her opportunities for an acting career. Immediately, Scagliotti got herself an acting coach and tried out for pilot season in Los Angeles.

During her first few years as a teen actress, most of her work were on television, making her debut as Molly Potts in the Chevy Chase TV pilot America's Most Terrible Things (2002). She then appeared in a couple of more tele-movies and as a guest star in family/teen series like Grounded for Life and Zoey 101. In 2006, Allison made her feature film debut with a minor role in the dramedy The TV Set, which starred David Duchovny and Sigourney Weaver. The same year, she played a significant role as Abby Brown, one of the hostages in the school shooting episode of the CW teen drama One Tree Hill.

From 2004 to 2007, Scagliotti portrayed the arrogant know-it-all on-and-off girlfriend of Josh Nichols (Josh Peck) on the teen show Drake & Josh. Among her other memorable roles are Hera Theophilus, a young MIT graduate on Gemini Division, Taylor Stiltskin, a spoiled birthday celebrant in an episode of the Starz sitcom Party Down, and Heather Masters, a suicidal teenager in an episode of the FOX drama Mental. In 2009, Allison joined Joanne Kelly, Eddie McClintock, and Saul Rubinek in retrieving weird artifacts on the sci-fi dramedy Warehouse 13. She has also been cast to play Twyla, one-half of the Wonder Twins, in the ninth season of Smallville.