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  • Amazing

    Your character so good and amazing. love youuu !!
  • I haven't loved an actress this much since Claudia Black. I love Allison's dry wit and sense of humor.

    (Yes, I watched all the material I could find on her...) She made Warehouse 13 into the series I love. At first I wasn't too impressed with the show, but the character of Claudia was so interesting and complex I ended up falling in love with the series. She is obviously a truly talented and smart young woman. I hope her career will be long and versatile.
  • (The Most Perfect Actress To Ever Live On The Planet Earth)

    Allison Glenn Scagliotti-Smith Is A Beautiful Girl. She Has Such Soft And Silky Looking Hair And She Has The Most Soulful Eyes. She Is Truly An Angel From Above. Another Thing I Love About Allison Is That When She Is Acting She Really Knows How To Become Her Character. She Is Absolutely Wonderful At Playing Her Part As Mindy Crenshaw On The Television Show Drake And Josh. With Both Her Great Looks And Wonderful Talents She Is Just To Good For All Those Boys Out There. I Am Just Amazed At Her Abilities And Am Running Out Of Words To Describe How Much I Adore Her. I Miranda L Am Allison Glenn Scagliotti-Smith's Number One Fan! No One Has Too Agree With That Last Sentence.
  • im impressed

    i have only seen her in the episode "With Tired Eyes, Tired, Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept" on One tree Hill but I have to say she did amazing. I hope they bring back the character of Abbey because she really did a great job. I really love the speech she makes to Marcus she played it perfect her tears her expression all of it i dont think anyone could have played it better. i think i wmight just check out some of the other shows she is in and see if she is just as good in them. but from what ive seen 2 thumbs up Allison
  • Wow

    Allison Scaglotti Smith is not your traditional female actress at all. Shes sarcastic, bitter, and mean in pretty much all of her roles (although Mindy Crenshaw from Drake and Josh is loosening up) and is incrediable at doing it. Her voice suits the characters perfectly and sounds almost naturally smart and sarcastic. It does not limit her though, Mindy Crenshaw seems alot more vulnerable this season as well, and its great thats shes finally branching out. She also does not seem to care too much about her fame as there is NOTHING about her out there, as pretty and talented as she is.