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    • Ally: (on old best friend Demi Moore for her surgically-enhanced figure and roles in Striptease and Indecent Proposal) Her choices were against all of my principles and all the political philosophies I was brought up with. On a deep level, it offends me.

    • Ally: I'm not some morally invincible human being -- I did do some of those things. I did go out and change my hair color and put on makeup. The whole thing was a ridiculous exercise, it really was.

    • Ally: I just feel like with guys, the woman is the accessory. Almost always it is her role to compliment the man's prowess, his masculinity, his strength. Even the position you have to take -- you're lying down and he's on top.

    • Ally: I think that acting involves doing your job so well that you are able to help the viewer identify with the character.

    • Ally: I'm very happy with the work that I do, and I have a lot of time for my daughter, and really, I don't want to be a superstar because it takes a great deal of effort to maintain that kind of life once you've created it.

    • Ally: The pursuit of fame becomes your career, and you have to spend all your time trying to look good.

    • Ally: I hit my 30s and all of a sudden I was not spending so much time thinking about my weight, because there were too many other things going on.

    • Ally: The fact is, nobody gets off drugs unless they really want to, and I really wanted to.

    • Ally: As soon as I hit puberty and my body started changing, I was really not in the running anymore to be a professional ballerina.

    • Ally: I started writing because I used to tell stories to the children who lived nearby and when I was six I started writing them down. I write poetry and plays, too, and writing is important to me. It is important for me to express my feelings and thoughts. If I'm feeling angry or wonderful or upset or happy I just write it out and reread the feelings over and over again. When I'm depressed I read something I wrote when I was happy and I can feel a great lift in my spirits. I love writing.