Allyce Beasley

Allyce Beasley


7/6/1954, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Birth Name

Allyce Tannenbaum



Also Known As

Alice Beasley, Allyce Tannenbaum
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Best known for her role as rhyming receptionist Agnes DiPesto in the television series Moonlighting, Allyce Beasley has used her wit and voice to more than so. For several years she was the announcer on Playhouse Disney, on The Disney Channel and in the movie Legally Blonde(starring Reese…more


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    • Allyce Beasley(on working with Imogene Coca): It was a dream come true and Imogene was pretty elderly then (1988). And when we saw her come in for the first rehearsal she was a tiny, little lady, very petite and kind of quite and frail looking. And we're all going "Oh! We're so thrilled, but uh-oh!". She didn't look that strong. The minute they turned the cameras on, she would be... She was off like a bullet. She was just so happy. As soon as the cameras were running, she was right there.

    • Allyce Beasley: I went to work a week after surgery and it probably saved my spirit and saved my life because this is what I love and I got to do it. Instead of thinking "Oh, I never know when I'll act again" I had a job waiting for me and I just did it and I loved it.

    • Allyce Beasley (on doing kissing scenes with Curtis Armstrong): He was married at the time and so was I, and I think I was especially uptight about it, having just found out about Bert's addition the night before. You know how wonderful and what a gentleman and professional he is. I think he was really happy about joining the show, but I mean, he was probably pretty nervous too. Basically they said "Here. Have your 15 minutes. Have coffee. Now, you know, get on top of each other!".

    • Allyce Beasley (about what her part did for "Moonlighting"): He (Glenn Gordon Caron, creator of Moonlighting) summed it by saying that Agnes was kind of an emotional geiger counter for Maddie and David. You could really tell how their relationship was going through Agnes' eyes.

    • Allyce Beasley (on her character on Moonlighting always having to rhyme): I thought the phone thingies were going to be a challenge, but that also helped me become who Miss Dipesto was.