Alona Tal





10/20/1983 , Herzlia, Israel

Birth Name




Alona started her career fresh out of the Israeli army, with a children's musical video tape called Pim Pam Po 2, playing an evil witch named Mashefula. What followed was an appearance in a commercial for a laundry detergent advertisement wearing a wedding dress. After realizing her clothes can be clean and white, she got the lead role in the movie Lihiyot Kohav ("Being a Star", in free translation).

Her part in the movie led to offers for roles in two television shows. One was a soap about a family who runs a hotel while the other was a sitcom about a struggling band hoping to make it big. The latter lasted for three seasons, during which time Alona got the chance to display her musical prowess. After her stint in the two shows, Alona lived with her sister in New York.

In 2004, she landed the recurring role of Meg Manning in the UPN series Veronica Mars. After the show was discontinued, Alona got her boots dirty by hunting demons with the Winchester brothers on Supernatural. In 2007, she appeared in several episodes of the short-lived CBS drama Cane.

Alona married Marcos A. Ferraesz on June, 5th 2007