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  • Ruining everything she touches, Alona Tal is suitable only for infomercials. Barely.

    So terrible on Veronica Mars that they had to pair her with the equally wooden Teddy Dunn, Alona Tal can make even the best of shows virtually unwatchable. Brought on to Supernatural to serve as a love interest for Dean Winchester(perhaps the easiest gig for even the least talented of actresses), Alona was soon relegated to sister-figure, and eventually to un-missed corpse. Most recently, Alona has brought her stunning lack depth to the otherwise excellent Lie to Me, opposite the fun and talented Enver Gjokaj. Following on the heels of the knock-out episode "The Whole Truth", it should be no surprise that Alona's appearance generated the lowest rated episode of Lie to Me's second season. Consistently capable of embodying the least interesting and most unsympathetic of minor characters, it is heartening to note that Alona's dismal appearances are becoming smaller and occurring less frequently. With a little luck and a few more sober casting directors, Alona could be the new face of Slap/Chop before we know it.
  • Enjoyed her stint on Supernatural

    Hopefully we have not seen the last of Alona Tal on Supernatural. She did a great job being a very ballsy chick on this show (which is exactly what it needs) and she is pretty dang hot too. People griped saying that she wasn't good for Dean and she shouldn't be on the show but I disagree. I think she was perfect for the role and I hope that Eric Kripke gets her into the story more often and possibly in a more promenant role. Never really got into Veronica Mars so didn't see her on that but might check it out just to se Alona in action. But get her back in the Supernatural episodes I loved the way she was introduced... Dean stealing her gun and her punching him in the face and taking it back.
  • Alona Tal is a talented actress, especially on the show Supernatural.

    Alona Tal is a talented actress, displaying her acting skills in well known TV shows and movies. I think she looked great in all of them especially Supernatural, but I think Eric Kripke needs to bring her onto the show more often so that she can show her potential and also the potential of her chracter Jo. She plays all of her characters very well, and she definitely has the looks to go with her acting skills. I would love to see her more often in more TV shows and in more recurring TV roles, and even in movies to come. Love her!
  • Starred in Cane, had recurring roles on Veronica Mars as Meg Manning and Supernatural as Jo Harvelle.

    Alona Tal is one of the young actors that got attention for her role in Veronica Mars. She did a great job playing the clean, perfect girl in the series, and when her character was thrown a curve ball and became pregnant in the second season with Duncan's (Teddy Dunn) baby, and she turned on Veronica (Kristen Bell), she played that role amazingly. She then did a wonderful job on Supernatural, enough for me to be extremley angry that her character has not returned to the series. Hopefully she will return soon. Alona Tal has always delivered great performances, and was even considered for the role of Veronica Mars, and Meg Manning was created just for her.