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  • Ruining everything she touches, Alona Tal is suitable only for infomercials. Barely.

    So terrible on Veronica Mars that they had to pair her with the equally wooden Teddy Dunn, Alona Tal can make even the best of shows virtually unwatchable. Brought on to Supernatural to serve as a love interest for Dean Winchester(perhaps the easiest gig for even the least talented of actresses), Alona was soon relegated to sister-figure, and eventually to un-missed corpse. Most recently, Alona has brought her stunning lack depth to the otherwise excellent Lie to Me, opposite the fun and talented Enver Gjokaj. Following on the heels of the knock-out episode "The Whole Truth", it should be no surprise that Alona's appearance generated the lowest rated episode of Lie to Me's second season. Consistently capable of embodying the least interesting and most unsympathetic of minor characters, it is heartening to note that Alona's dismal appearances are becoming smaller and occurring less frequently. With a little luck and a few more sober casting directors, Alona could be the new face of Slap/Chop before we know it.