Alonzo Bodden

Alonzo Bodden


St. Albans, NY

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There is nothing, absolutely nothing that would ever make Alonzo Bodden give up comedy. "That's the drug", he says "when they laugh it's like I'm a jazz musician and they hear it, and they get it. It's the power to take the crowd wherever I want them to…more


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  • I was so glad Alonzo Bodden won last season. I voted for him the season before and was so shocked when Hefron won instead...he was way funnier than Hefron. Not only is Bodden funny, he writes is own stuff, his humor is observational and very relatable.moreless

    When he performed at the so called roast, his talent was truly showcased. He has the ability to up his game when needed and not repeat himself or be boring. His intelligence comes across as he speaks, but the way he puts the humorous satrical material together is most intelligent and inviting. He leaves the audience with a feeling of having had a very good meal that was filling, tasty, and you could recommend to others. That is why I recommend Alonzo. I just want to eat him up he is that good. But I will leave the funny-bone for others to chew on. lolmoreless