Alton Brown





7/30/1962 , Los Angeles, CA

Birth Name




Alton Brown spent eight years working in the film business as a cameraman and video director, and he spent a lot of his spare time watching cooking shows. He found them dull and uninformative, and felt that he could do better. After this epiphany, Alton and his wife, DeAnna, left the film business and moved to Vermont to pursue his first love: Food.

Alton attended the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, VT, but during his years as a culinary student and throughout the restaurant and catering jobs that followed, he couldn't forget about television. Visions of comedy sketches, film noir and grilled beef filled his mind. He started to conceive a new kind of cooking show, one that would entertain and inform with wit and humor -- something for his sitcom-and-fast-food-junkie generation. With that in mind, he started writing Good Eats, a show that combines his passion for food with quirky pop culture. Alton not only writes the shows but also stars in each offbeat episode. He has also written his first book I'm Just Here for the Food.

Alton lives in Atlanta with his wife DeAnna, two hound dogs and a beautiful daughter named Zoey.