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  • Youuu Son of a B***

    I love Alyson Hannigan! Especially on How I met your mother. It is my favorite show and my friends say I am most like her lol. I want to meet her so bad she is soooooo amazing at every role she plays
  • it's just impossible not to love Aly!

    well, for sure the first thing that comes in mind: she was brilliant as Willow in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" -- she made me smile or cry in almost every her scene, and the way she portrayed her character... it's hard to believe that we could have some other Willow!

    but Willow is not the only reason to love Alyson Hannigan: she is the cutie kid from "My Stepmother is an Alien", she is the crazy Michelle from "American Pie" thrilogy with the catchphrase "This one time, at the band she is hilarious Lily from "How I Met Your Mother", and she's so much more -- nice, cute, awesome person.

    sometimes you feel like you know her but then she surprises you with smth and you start admire her even more, though you think "more" is impossible! few days ago I watched "Beyond the City Limits" -- and the character Aly played there was SOOO not her. and I liked it SOOO much (even though the movie didn't impress me). I wish we had the opportunity to see her on screen more often.
  • Amazing.


    I usually don't find many different actresses that funny. In fact most actresses I claim of being "funny" really are more "goofy" than "funny". And I didn't like Alyson's character for two episodes on my previous favorite show, That '70s Show, but as I have continued to watch How I Met Your Mother, my eyes have been opened. Alyson Hannigan is an amazing actress, funny too, and don't forget beautiful. She does have that "goofiness" attribute as well, but in a definite good way. I'm sorry I ever doubted her just because of her character as Sally the police officer in two episodes of That '70s Show.

  • alyson hannigan is a real star, a person that everyone can relate to.

    alyson hannigan is a real star, a person that everyone can relate to.
    she is so funny as an actress as well.
    she has become a wonderful role model for every woman in the world.
    i have to admit i have been a huge fan of hers since i saw her on buffy i then looked for everything she did and watched them as well. even beyond city limits, which i know alyson wishes would disapear is not too bad, she is quite good in it.
    she is at the moment in how i met your mother, which is so so funny.
    and also i must say,,,she is hot hot hot ,
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer, American Pie, How I Met Your Mother.

    Over the years I have seen Alyson in many things. Her latest role on how I met your mother is very suited to the progression of her career, now that's she in her thirties you can see that she's taking more grown up roles even though How I Met Your Mother is still a comedy (in my opinion her niche, she's a subtle comedian but a good one). Her quirky odd ball role in the quirky odd ball American Pie movies was an absolute hoot. They were really the movies that showed even though Alyson was a great dramatic actor from her years on Btvs she just fit well with the comedic stuff. Though obviously she has to this day remained very well known for her work as shy nerdy wicca Willow on Btvs, that's the role of hers I tend to favorite because Btvs is one of my all time favorite shows but if you watch her over the seven seasons you can see that she's got a great talent to back up every role she takes.
  • Alyson Hannigan is very beautiful actress in the world! even the most beautiful girl who exists on Earth…so beautiful that I can only thought without one second! I am very happy for his new Satyana daughter with her Alexis husband who is very lucky…

    Alyson Hannigan is the very beautiful actress in the world! even the most beautiful girl who exists on Earth…so beautiful that I can only thought without one second! I am very happy for his new Satyana daughter with her Alexis husband who is very lucky…

    I hope for the productors create another history to make it soon there return in character the Powerful Witch - Willow Rosenberg … in the movies or the new serie spin-off.... or still the serie Buffy season 9...

    and i hope for qu' it would return for the fifth year of How I met Your Mother
  • great actress with a good sense of humor anda hot red head.

    great actress with a good sense of humor. she was brilliant as Willow in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I liked how her character grew into something more than just a friend of Buffy. She played the nerd and went on to play a really good role as one of the sexy lesbians i think that is a role that got here noticed. looking back now there is only one person to play Willow character and she was great at it. she is the crazy Michelle from "American Pie" trilogy with the catchphrase "This one time, at the band camp...", freaking love this movie. she is hilarious Lily from "How I Met Your Mother" love that show to. She needs to get here own show
  • A great actress.

    I love Alyson Hannigan because of the depth and innocence that she continues to provide to all the character's she plays. She was amazing as Willow on Buffy and she really developed that character over the years and gave her dimensions and complexities past the simple shy nerd she had to play. When she went evil she was amazing as a bad character and she should be given the chance to do bad more often. She was also really good in the "American Pie" series which gave her a chance to show how good she is at comedy which she continues to do as Lily in How I Meet you mother. She is a really good comedic actress who brings life to her characters. And you've got to love a redhead.
  • Fantastic actress, with cute red hair.

    Alyson Hannigan's first shot to fame was opposite Kim Basinger and Dan Ackroyd in My Stepmother's an Alien. She became noticed in the 90's as her role as lesbian Wicca Witch Willow Rosenburg in Buffy The Vampure Slayer, and Angel, (Which she was the second actress to play) and went on afterwards to voice the animated tales of Buffy and the sitcom How I met your mother. She then made the American Pie trilogy where she announced "at one time, at Band Camp" She found an alternate use for her flute. She met her husband Alexis Denisoff on set of Buffy (He played Wes in both series) She is remarkably funny and talented.
  • Alyson Hannigan is a geeky and funny actress.

    Well what can I say another fantastic Actress from Buffy who also plays a funny part in the American Pies which I find hilarious. I really feel that Alyson Hannigan as kept on getting in better with her geeky and funny one liners in Buffy to her rude funny and geekyness in American Pies thats what makes Willow the character she is she grows stronger from the little girl in the first seasons to a very powerful witch. She as appeared in a number of good films and I feel she will carry on starring in more good films in the future.
  • I really like her a lot.

    I am really fond of Alyson Hannigan for some reason. Well, actually its because she is a very talented actress. She was so great on buffy showing her dramatoc side. Then she went on how i met your mother to show she has some comedy in her. She is incredibly funny and great ibn every role she has. I still cannot forget about her band camp line in American Pie its very addicting. I think she deserves more fame than she has but with himym she may get it.
  • empty

    She is a good actress, but I think that she needs to explore new things. Her career focuses mostly in some stupid kind of american humor that does not really help to grow as an actress. Still, I think that she is very cool and that she has a lot of talent.
  • “Alyson Hannigan, cutest creature on the planet” - Joss Whedon

    Alyson isn’t only cute she can act…OMG can she act! Joss Whedon was so right when he said Alyson could have been a Silent Movie Star in his “Hush” Commentary . She has the most expressive eyes and face I have ever seen. She also has an aura and presence about her that I can’t explain or describe…she commands your attention. There is a pureness about her and she never has to force anything, it all seems to just flow out of her. Alyson never looks like she is “acting” or “reciting lines” as even the most popular/successful in Hollywood sometimes do.

    You can’t tell me that when she cries in BtVS your heart doesn’t just melt. No other actor I have seen cries more convincingly than Alyson Hannigan. Crying is a true test of ones acting ability and something you can’t fake, like smiling or laughing. No one comes close to Alyson when it comes to crying.

    And her smile…don’t get me started on that! lol

    She isn’t beautiful in the Hollywood sense…Aka Blonde, Tanned, Freckle Free with impossible perfect blemish free skin and with huge…erm assets. But she makes up for that and surpasses those with the aforementioned, with here sheer expressiveness and believability. Unfortunately she has been all but overlooked (to their and everyone’s loss) by Hollywood as “Leading Lady Material”. Sure she has had parts in American Pie and Date Movie but they don’t do her talent justice whatsoever. Yes she is in “How I Met Your Mother” and it is great to see her regularly on TV but I would also love to see her making blockbuster movies and getting the kudos she deservers. Alyson has more acting ability in one eyebrow than Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Renee Zellweger, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Aniston (highest-paid women actors of 2006) put together!! It is time Hollywood took notice of the once in a generation talent that is Alyson Hannigan!
  • Alyson Hannigan is a very good actress.

    Alyson Hannigan is a very good actress because, she is very good at what she does. Alyson Hannigan is one of the best actresses that I like because, she can do things that I have never seen any other actors that I have seen or like do. I liked her on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I like her on How I Met Your Mother. I think that she was better on Buffy The Vampire Slayer because, her range of acting was unlimited and she has not done that on How I Met Your Mother but I still think she is a good actress. I hope that she continues to act because, she is very good at it and I would like to see what kind of things she will do a her career goes on.
  • The witchy Willow form 'Buffy'!!!

    Alyson seems OK and is talented. She acted in many movies, such as 'Date Movie'(which was very very funny btw.), bit she is probably most known for her role of Willow from 'Buffy'. She played shy, young girl , who later on becomes a witch, who's in love with a werewolf. I hope that she will make more movies soon!!!
  • Alyson is a hot Red Head

    I've been following alyson's career since "Buffy the Vampire slayer" and I fell in love with her. I love hed-headed women and she's one hot klady. I was broken hearted when she got married last year. but I doesn't matter, I'm in love with Alyson and I believe that's that. I just too bad that she's no longer single. she's one sexy woman. She also isn't afraid to take chances. Her character fell in love with not one woman, but two. Now that's cool! Alyson is a gorgous red hot actress. Don't take my word for it. Watch her on any sitcon and she will pull it off.
  • Alyson Hannigan plays Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Alyson Hannigan plays an important role in the show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." In the show, she's kind of like a computer geek and kind of reminds of myself. Like she doesn't talk to boys to much, afraid of what they might say or think she's a loser, kind of like me, 'cept it's with girls. But Willow helps out Buffy and Giles by researching and sometimes hacking into something in order to find out how to stop the ritual, or a legend. Alyson Hannigan is a great actress.
  • She does have good intentions and good sense and good hair...but she is so overrated on this website!

    She does have good intentions and good sense and good hair...but she is so overrated on this website! Come on and disagree and I won't care. Come on people. If you disagree do it. Cuz I think I am right because EVERYONE thinks she is overrated outside of Besides, what was she in? What did she do. I mean, she is not as bad as Paris Hilton, but still. All I am simply clarifying and saying is that Alyson Hannigan is kind of overrated. If you want to dis agree, then dis agree. Cuz I agree with myself, and I don't care if you disagree
  • She is a great actress...

    In Buffy i always loved the way she acts Willow and always thought she is very talented. In American Pie movie i knew i wasn't wrong about her. She is a great actress and a beautiful woman. She has very pretty red hair and i can't understand however her hair style is it looks perfect on her. Long or short doesn't matter...
    When i heard she got married with Alexis Denisof i was so happy. I think they're really cute. And so is their baby.
    I'm watching her new show How I Met Your Mother and she's great on that too. She's one of the bests for sure...
  • How good was she in Buffy???

    And in everything else. She can be so serious, and comic. She really is talented! I can't believe she hasn't got her very own sitco at least, or hitting it huge in hollywood. Underated. Needs to ADVERTISED! I don't think many actresses can compete with the marvelous Alyson Hannigan.
    And no one can really compete with the amount of fans she has either! Though, now days, not many deserve to. Someone make a big movie with her as the star! She deserves more credit than people like i only have one facial emotion Keanu reeves. Screw hm, andbring on the love for miss hannigan!
  • Talented actress who looks amazing too!! I love all the actors on Buffy but Alyson is by far the best.

    The most famous of the scooby Gang is defianitly Alyson with the American pie movies and Date Movie under her belt and with a new show How I Met Your Mother she is obviously making it big. She was willing to lend her voice to the pilot of the animated series of Buffy too. She has been my favorite actress since I saw that quirky red haired mega witch evolve on Buffy and is still my favorite actress today and I dont see that changing anytime soon. Plus she is so so HOT!!!!
  • review.

    alyson hannigan played willow ( i think) on buffy the vampire slayer ( to be honest i didnt watch the show) but have seen her in american pie, american pie 2 and american pie the wedding. she is a extremely funny actress who at times can come of as a geek or nerd but is very loveable.

    she has been seen recently on the sitcom how i met your mother. how i met your mother is a funny show and has been renewed for a second season. i have watched some episodes and they are good.

    overall she is a very good actress.
  • The more talented star on Buffy.

    Alyson Hannigon will always be remembered as Willow on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She started out as a computer geek but then as she slowly got into magic and started to become a witch, her personality started to change. I think Alyson had great on screen chemistry with Amber Benson, who played Tara. I loved the Willow and Tara realtionship. The death of Tara caused Willow to embrace dark black magic and basically become evil. Willow would have ended the world if it wasn't for Xander. In season 7, the last season of Buffy, Willow was able to take control of the magic.

    Fans can see Alyson today in movies like Date Movie and on the show 'How I Met Your Mother'
  • Give her a chance! She's one of the most underrated actresses out there.

    She's an awesome actress that really deserves her own show. I think she's proven everyone that in Buffy. She can also be quite a commedian with her new comedic show. Also, after the first American Pie movie, I think that's when she started to shine. Although, I still think she's still underrated. There are some critics who think that Alyson isn't good. If everyone gave her a chance, I think people would really enjoy what she does in whatever role she plays.

    On screen or on TV, you can see her perform to the best of her abilities. She totally not herself and plays a whole new character. Sometimes, her voice in each movie and TV episode sound the same, she can convey any motion whether its laughter, sadness, hapiness, etc. just like any high-paid actor/actress out there.
  • The Power of Red

    Alyson Hannigon is one of the more loved names of Hollywood. Lucky for her, she has been given lots of roles where the 'audience' are just going to 'like her'.

    She, like a lot of other stars I have been reviewing, have been in the television / media businesses's eyes for a long time.

    She has become most-known for her role of "Willow Rosenberg" the clever, considerate and nice member of the popular evening show "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".

    After playing such a loved role on the show, I think it was important for the writers to encourparate the future of Alyson's career. Using a clever plot-twist, they managed to transform the intuitive, rather 'dorky' "Willow Rosenberg" into the most well known dark witch on television.

    After the show ended, Hannigon decided it was time to pursue the movie businness. Having appeared as various cameo's in the teen-legend "American Pie" saga's, she hadn't up to this point done any major cinema exhibition movies in which she was the star.

    Until now, 2006 and the release of "Date Movie" stuns crowds as the comedy film gives a different, slightly less tasteful versions of some other succesful films.

    The red-haired goddess - Literally.
  • Alyson Hannigan is a great actress on BtVS.

    I love Willow at the beginning of buffy but as the show goes on they how Willow lose some of her funny willowie ways. She babbles less and doesn't trip over her words. I guess that'd just be her "growing up". However i think Joss made a bad decision of having her be the season 6's big bad. I think that threw alot of Buffy fans, i know i certainly didn't think he'd have her flay a man.
  • Alyson Hannigan is simply AMAZING!! omgosh i am like so in love with her work! she is so pretty and funny and smart! it is just so amazing!i wish i was as pretty as her! she is just too cool for words!cant wait for her next movie to come out!

    Alyson Hannigan is simply AMAZING!! omgosh i am like so in love with her work! she is so pretty and funny and smart! it is just so amazing!i wish i was as pretty as her! I love all her movies and especially on Buffy the Vampire Slayer! She is Amazing!
  • And last year, at band camp!

    Alyson Hannigan plays the 'kooky' roles perfectly and I absolutely adore her work, especially in Buffy and the American Pie movies.

    She is highly talented and her portrayl of Willow Rosenburg throughout seven seasons was fantastic, perfecting the mixture of awkwardness, humour and dorkiness that made her character so endearing.

    She also did the more serious scenes well, making her mark in the epic season 6 finale, that saw her turn to the dark side, so to speak. Even on the warpath she still managed to make you empathise with her.

    She has became legend with her work in the American Pie movies, having delivered the now infamous line, "And last year, at band camp..." I think she was one of the main reasons people loved those movies so much.

    I also adored her in That 70's Show not to mention onr of my new faves Veronica Mars as Logan's amusing sister Trina.

    She is a great if not very underrated actress and hope I see her in permenant role in a new TV programme or movie soon.
  • Whether on TV, or on the big screen, Alyson is a superb actress.

    I think Alyson Hannigan is fantastic, her acting (whether on TV or in film) is always perfect. I like her style as she does not try to over act the role, she just has a natural presence on screen.

    I admire the way that her facial expressions and posture add to the character she is portraying - a simple shrug of the shoulders, or coy smile say as much, if not more than a scripted sentence could. Her range of emotions are also amazing, when Tara was shot in Buffy, Alyson screamed with so much emotion that it really tuggs on your heart strings, you can see in her eyes the pain and anguish mixed with rage, fury and hatred for the unjust murder. Absolutely awesome acting.

    Alyson is in a class of her own, her acting is a pleasure to watch, her look is wonderfull and in the interviews that I have seen, she seems like a genuinely nice person. I look forward to seeing her in some new project soon..... can't wait.
  • A fine actress, funny person, and very pretty.

    Alexis Denisof, who is a fine actor himself, has something many of us would like to have. He has a wife named Alyson Hannigan. Aly H is very funny and attractive too. She has always done the kind of support roles but she should have her own show. Why can’t she be the cute detective person? What kind of a nutball would give J.L. Hewitt her own show but not Alyson?

    She was of course fantastic as the beloveable Willow on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Her #1 best performance was when she played the vampire willow from another dimension. In “Dopplegangland” Vampwillow came over and Alyson had to play both. She did really well and it led to her getting the chance to be evil later in the series.
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