Alyson Michalka

Alyson Michalka


3/25/1989, Torrance, California, USA

Birth Name

Alyson Renae Michalka



Also Known As

Alyson R. Michalka, Alyson Renae Michalka, Aly R. Michalka, Aly Michalka, Aly Renae Michalka, Alyson Michalka
  • Aly Michalka as Marti on Hellcats.
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Alyson Renae Michalka was born on March 25th, 1989 in Torrance, California. She is the older sister of Amanda Michalka. At the age of 5, Alyson discovered her passion for acting and music through her involvement in the Children's' Performing Arts group at her church. She began seriously…more


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    • Alyson: (on the zombie makeup process she underwent) It was cool to be able to play around. They made us our own gashes and wounds. Everything was custom made. It took a long time to get off, too. I remember having black still in my ears and teeth. They would have black blood that we would swish around our mouths, so that it made our mouths dark and black. So, it was a long process, but it was fun because it was something that was so opposite of our show that we were able to really appreciate it, and appreciate the art form and how difficult it is to have to actually do this.

    • Alyson: Everyone gets embarrassed. It's a universal thing. Just brush it off and laugh!

    • Alyson: I just love acting. I'm having fun and it just turned into something I wanted to do as a professional job, which was neat.

    • Alyson: Every once in a while, AJ and I will like the same guy. Usually it's a celebrity, like Johnny Depp. But when it does happen, we're always like, "OMG" and we're so happy for each other.

    • Alyson: I'm always the crazy one at parties who will do silly stuff! I've eaten like five lemon wedges and then I had to drink a cup of sugar!

    • Alyson: Amanda's the life of the party! She really takes charge in any situation. She's not, like, crazy or anything, but I think her personality is more bubbly. She's just AJ!

    • Alyson: We all have a special talent and passion. We just need the support of parents and friends to help us find it. And if you have a dream, always go for it and trust yourself.

    • Alyson: (On staying close with friends) We've worked to keep the friendships that we've had since we were really young, and they totally understand what we're going through. So many of our friends have come from church so we just stay close with those relationships. Also, we have each other. For us it's like having 50 best friends! We're so close and with each other all the time. There are also kids we meet through business connections or acting classes. And our parents make sure that we're having a normal life and getting to do the teenage things.

    • Alyson: We don't ever want to preach or shove anything down people's throats, but AJ and I want our music to be inspiring.

    • Alyson: (On living in Toronto while filming Cow Belles) We visited all the cool, funky restaurants. We went to Little Italy, Little India, we went to Niagara Falls, even though I know that's not in Toronto.

    • Alyson: I get embarrassed, but I'm really good at hiding it if I'm embarrassed. I'll usually laugh about it. The most exhilarating moment was probably when AJ and I got signed to Hollywood Records. That was absolutely incredible. It was such a whirlwind. AJ and I are just so excited to be on this amazing ride.

    • Alyson: AJ and I want to be a voice and accountable for the message in our music, what we're supporting and writing about. We stand for what we say. We won't back down from that. We're always gong to write from a genuine place in our hearts. If you don't do that, you can get lost.

    • Alyson: Our parents keep us in line and down-to-earth. We have our own convictions and morals, which AJ and I are very committed to. There's no reason to stray from those beliefs. We get our strength from having each other to lean on.

    • Alyson: People can get lost in a crowd. AJ and I are all about being no one but ourselves. You only have one life to live, so take advantage of it. Don't waste it by trying to be too perfect. We just want to remind people because they sometimes forget. Kids don't want to hear this stuff from their parents, but they'll accept it from someone they consider a contemporary.

    • Alyson: (On why they wrote about their song, "I Am One of Them") We just want to remind kids and adults without scaring them. We're trying to prevent this sort of thing from happening by teaching kids to make wise choices, to be aware of their surroundings. We really feel vulnerable, because it could happen to any of us.

    • Alyson: When you're an actor, you get to be somebody else, to create a character from the ground up, which is cool, but music is our heart, our soul, and our roots. Its who we really are. The emotions are all right on the surface.

    • Alyson: Acoustic Hearts of Winter is definitely an album that I feel is truly universal and timeless because it has the classics, and it has our own originals on it, and it's definitely broken down. It's not overly produced, the vocals are very raw and in the forefront. The musicians that have played on the record are amazing, so the instrumentation is really beautifully arranged. The whole album has a lot of spirit in it, and I think that it will put you in the mood for the holidays.

    • Alyson: I think you need to prepare as much as possible for scene work, as well as songwriting and musicianship. It takes research, vulnerability, hours of practice and complete dedication to be successful. If your focus is genuine hard work, then the byproduct of that hard work will lead to success.

    • Alyson: No one day is ever the same. There are times when I am up extra early to get to a photo shoot. There are other days when I have several interviews in a row. If I am on the tour bus, the schedule is crazy! Sometimes I don't even know what day it is or what state I am in because of the heavy traveling schedule. If I am doing television, the day has more of a routine to it. I just go in and out of shooting scenes. When I am home, I am constantly reading and texting or getting together with friends to catch up.

    • Alyson: (On evacuating from the Now You See It set in Louisiana) We had to get packed up really quick, literally in an hour. It was a crazy adventure. It was a good experience and a bad experience.

    • Alyson: (on her character, Alyson Miller, from the Disney Channel Original Movie Now You See It...) My character's real energetic and in-your-face. We're going to this, we're going to do that.

    • Alyson: I think just being with somebody who is on the same page, we get each other, we don't really have to explain anything, we understand. We feel for each other, we're really supportive, so that's always been cool, because you always have somebody that's right there for you.

    • Alyson: I don't have a lot of patience for cooking in the kitchen. I usually wait until I am too hungry and don't want to wait for something to finish cooking, so I just get take out.

    • Alyson: We just take it one day at a time. When we're on the road, we focus on our music and performing, and when we're back home, we're auditioning, reading scripts, going into meetings, things like that. We keep it separate somewhat, without forgetting about the other one. You always try to somehow balance those at the same time.

    • Alyson: I have to say that Christmas is one of our favorite times of the year, and it's something that you can play every season and, you can pass it on down to your kids, and their kids. It's something that's really timeless. They're just so magical in a way, we really wanted to put out something during the holidays, that would help just kind of bring some kind of joy to this whole season. Not that there's not already a bunch of joy, but just a little bit more.

    • Alyson: I'm actually all finished with school. AJ and I have tutors on the road with us. We've been home schooled for quite some time and love the one-on-one with a teacher. It's interesting to see how we can study and maintain friendships, but somehow it all works out for us.

    • Alyson: AJ and I have been singing earlier than acting. Ever since I can remember, we were putting on music shows when the relatives would come over to the house, and practicing songs our mom would sing at church. AJ and I wanted to be like her when we were younger, so it really came from that. It's amazing when that transforms into something and you think, Wow, oh my gosh, God had that all planned!

    • Alyson: My best friend would have to be my sister, Amanda, and she's in the business. We have a special connection. I can tell pretty much anything to her and she totally understands me. It's a really great relationship and we really do love each other.

    • Alyson: I had been auditioning and auditioning, but I could never book the jobs because of my braces. I had just gotten my braces off, so I had this hope. I was like, "I finally have the chance!" I loved the show and the character was awesome, so it was just a perfect thing. When I went in, I had so much fun because we had some crazy auditions. They had us do some really cool stuff. I was really proud of myself that I'd gotten that far. I had this feeling that I wasn't going to get it because of lack of experience. When I got the call from my manager, I was crying and screaming. It was a huge thing for me to accomplish! I was really happy that Disney gave me a chance.

    • Alyson: All of this stuff is, to me, being a normal kid. I always find time to relax and go into my bedroom and read a book or talk to a friend on the phone. It's fun because I've always enjoyed doing a lot of activities. I get bored really easily. Being off of Phil of the Future for a few months drove me crazy. I've always had that drive to keep doing stuff. I think education is important, but a kid needs to know it's important to have a well-rounded life. You should also save time for yourself to find out about your talents.

    • Alyson: Reading is a great thing for relaxation. I think kids today just need to know that books can take you to these incredible fantasies and this imagination. It's so good for vocabulary. As a kid, I had trouble reading when I was younger. If you get help and keep it positive, then you'll be fine. Once you start reading you get addicted. I have tons of books that I've read.

    • Alyson: AJ and I have always really felt strongly about missing children and that subject in general. We want to bring awareness to children and parents and basically got so fed up one day that we had to do something. We're child safety advocates, we donate money to those causes and want people to know even the smallest amount of support can make a huge difference.

    • Alyson: I understand how some people have certain ideas and thoughts and that their personal lives are none of the public's business. But if I put myself in a situation where I'm seen by millions of kids, I have some sort of responsibility no matter what. There's no excuse to behave poorly, because people are looking up to you. That just comes with the territory.

    • Alyson: Keely has such a love for life. She's such a nice person and she loves people. She loves helping Phil with all of his problems and she's always had his back whenever he needs her. She's a very fun person and she's the best friend that you could ever wish for. I do share a lot of characteristics with her. She doesn't really worry about life and neither do I. She just kind of lets things happen. Her fashion sense is similar to mine, but I don't wear quite as bright colors like she does.

    • Alyson: (On her picture in Teen People June/July Issue) My character on the show, Keely, wears a lot of really bright shades, like lime green and orange. They're fun colors, but I love natural colors, like this!

  • One of the best Disney stars,and still continues to be great

    Like I said,Disney had better teen comedies and singers before Hannah Montana ruined it. But not only Hilary Duff was one of the best,this singer\actress is another example. Aly Michalka is such a beautiful female person,and I'm glad she's still out there. I'm only reviewing her,not AJ. Well first of all,her music when she was in Aly and AJ was great. It wasn't the best,but they had great songs like Rush,Chemicals React and Potential Break up song. But now,she is an actress and is a great one. I never saw The Roommate or Secretariat,but I did Easy A,and she was great in there. I did love Phill of the Future,but I never knew she was in there. I especially loved her in Hellcats. Yes,I actually like Hellcats,and I think it should return. Overall,Aly is such a great actress and seems like the only surviving Disney star.moreless
  • Alyson Michalka is cute and has a sweet singing voice :)

    Yay Alyson Michalka is a great girl! I love her and her little sister's music, those ladies are very pretty and talented. I also liked watching her on "Phil of the Future" she was very cute on there. She is a very good actress it would be nice to see Aly on more serious roles. I bet she can even get on the big screen with her charisma and talent she is a star* Just like Shia Labeouf's talent but she is also gifted in music. He started on "Even Stevens" and also the Disney Channel like her :) She rocks!moreless