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Alyssa Diaz

Alyssa Diaz


9/7/1985, Northridge, California, USA

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  • Alyssa Diaz is the best actress you\'ve probably never heard of.

    Yes, it\'s true! Alyssa Diaz is the best actress you\'ve probably never heard of.

    I discovered her on \"As the World Turns,\" where she played the role of Celia Ortega, a young Hispanic girl who came to this country to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer. Alyssa played the idealistic, chaste, hopeful, giving Celia with compassion and perfection. I was truly shocked when Celia slapped Casey, her boyfriend, after finding out he had betrayed her. Poor Celia -- hurt and bitter after finding out her \"best friend\" Gwen and her boyfriend, Casey, had been deceiving her -- left the country and, alas, \"As the World Turns\" lost one of the best characters ever.

    Alyssa Diaz is a pretty and talented actress who will go far.

    I would love to know what Ms. Diaz has been doing lately in terms of acting. If anyone has any info on Ms. Diaz, please e-mail Thanks so much!moreless