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  • Alyssa Deserves Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star!

    I think Alyssa deserves her own star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame! She has been contributing to major tv success throughout her career!
  • alyssa milano rocks

    I think Alyssa Milano is an awesome person
  • Alyssa Milano the best actress ever but not apprecated enough

    I think Alyssa is such a talented person but also very sweet nice down to earth girl. Unfortunatelly she doesn't getr enough work for how good she is. I've only seen her as Phoebe Halliwell from charmed but that was enoygh to prove to me she was a good actress.

    I'm not sure why Shannen Doherty left the show some people say it was because she didn't like Alyssa but how could someone not like alyssa I think it was just Shannen who had the problem not that I'm not a fan of Shannen I am as an actress but not as a person. peace out Alyssa fans
  • Best known for her roles in Melrose Place, My Name is Earl, and as Phoebe Halliwell in the hit WB series Charmed.

    Alyssa is one of the best actresses that i believe has come onto the television screen. She is so talented and does a great job in portraying range, especially as Phoebe in Charmed. Alyssa is really talented and has continued to show comedy talents as well as drama ability throughout her career with roles in Who's the Boss and My Name is Earl, as well as a dramatic role in the primetime soap opera Melrose Place, a spin-off to the popular series Beverly Hills, 90210. Alyssa is so talented and is going to be one of films future leading ladies in my opinion.
  • A favorite of mine!

    I am a huge Alyssa Milano fan!!!

    She is an amazing actress!

    My personal favorite work of hers is her role as Phoebe Halliwell on the hit TV drama, Charmed. (Charmed is one of my favorite shows.)

    I think she is highly underrated and that is such a shame because she is not only an amazing actress, but she has been a philanthropist for years. Alyssa is a UNICEF National Ambassador. She also created

    Alyssa seems like a really sweet and down to earth person, which is always a plus.

    I wish her the very best in her career and I will always be a huge fan of hers.
  • Alyssa Milano- a talented actress

    ALYSSA MILANO Actress Alyssa Milano has spent almost her entire life in the public eye. A famous child actor, Alyssa has continued to work throughout her adulthood in both television and film.

    However, her latest role is outside the world of Hollywood, as a philanthropist. Because of all her charitable work on behalf of children, Alyssa was invited by UNICEF in 2003 to become a national ambassador. Her first trip with the 58 year-old organization was to Angola, Africa (May 2004) to see first hand the issues plaguing the newly liberated country. Alyssa launched UNICEF’s pivotal “Trick or Treat” campaign in the fall of 2004 as an official spokesperson. In June of 2005 Alyssa traveled with UNICEF to India during the 6th month anniversary of the tsunami disaster. She visited the worst affected tsunami zones in South India to witness the relief and rehabilitation efforts. Alyssa’s trip also focused on educating & spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS, as India has the second highest infection rate in the world. Alyssa plans to work with UNICEF on numerous projects in the future, with all proceeds returning to the organization.

    International relief work is not new to the actress. In August of 2002, Alyssa hosted a photography exhibition and auction in Los Angeles to raise money for charitable efforts in South Africa. An avid photographer, Alyssa displayed her own work, as well as that of school children from L.A.’s Venice Arts program. The event raised close to $50,000 for Nkosi’s Haven, an organization that runs care centers in South Africa for AIDS-afflicted mothers and children. For her efforts, Alyssa was honored with a humanitarian award from Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditation at the United Nations. It was this work that got the attention of UNICEF executives. Most recently The John Wayne Cancer Institute at Saint John’s Hospital and Health Center and the Associates of Breast & Prostrate Cancer Studies presented Alyssa with the 2004 Spirit of Hollywood Award which honors individuals from the entertainment industry for their personal dedication and commitment to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

    Alyssa also attended the 2004 Democratic National Convention on behalf of the Creative Coalition and is an avid supporter of MTV’s Rock the Vote campaign.

    Alyssa Milano currently stars opposite Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan as a trio of modern day demon hunters on the WB’s “Charmed.” The series’ debut was the highest-rated premiere in the network’s history, and continues to be a great success for Spelling and the WB, maintaining its status as the second-highest rated program on the network. The show’s international appeal has brought it to more than 100 territories around the world, spanning Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. The witchy “Charmed” sisters have a loyal teen following and are consistently featured on the covers of the most popular young adult magazines. Individually, Alyssa has graced the covers of hundreds of magazines, appearing repeatedly on the covers of FHM, Maxim Magazine, Stuff, Cosmopolitan, and TV Guide. Stuff magazine voted her America’s No. 1 sweetheart and more recently named her the fifth most beautiful woman in the world.

    Alyssa’s film credits include “Hugo Pool” co-starring Sean Penn and Robert Downey Jr., “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star” ands she co-starred with Reese Witherspoon in the Imagine/Universal film, “Fear.” She also provided a lead voice for Disney’s recent sequel to the animated favorite “Lady and the Tramp.”

    Alyssa has also signed lucrative national ad campaigns for American retailer Candies as well as telecommunications giant MCI. As MCI’s “Eva Savalot,” Milano appeared in a series of highly recognizable television and print ads for the company. She was profiled in the April 2002 issue of Emmy Magazine as a tribute to the power of branding and marketing between Hollywood celebrities and corporate America.

    Alyssa built a successful Internet company ( that stands alone as the only celebrity network remaining and has an extremely strong presence on the web. Her website ( is the most popular within the network, garnering an average of 120,000 hits per month.

    Something from her last post in blog:
    Thursday, July 5, 2007
    Exciting TOUCH News! "Hi guys! I have more exciting news."

    Hi guys! I have more exciting news. I have just signed a deal with Aminco to expand TOUCH to fashion jewelry and accessories! I will be debuting some of the looks at the All Star Game July 8th – July 10th. I will take lots of pictures to share with you!

    Thank you for your support with TOUCH. I have no doubt you are all the reason the line has been so well received.

    And Love,
  • She is my fav female actress.

    There are very few female actresses I like mostley because I am female myself, but Alyssa Milano is my favourite. I dont actually have any others on the favourite list because I can't think of any but she is the one that I like. I think she is an amazing charmed one and great person. She just seems like she would be a sweet person. So yes She is a really great actress and I hope to see her on many other shows in the future. I am very sad that Charmed is now over. it was so great while it lasted. I love Alyssa Milano.
  • OMG she was one of my first favorite actresses!!!

    She is such a good actresses. I mean it just seems like it comes naturally to her. My favorite role she plays is on Charmed as Phoebe. She just fits the part perfectly. On Charmed i love all her relationships. My favorite one was with her and Cole. They were just so passionate. together i just wished that he wasn't a demon and then they could have been together but he just had to be vanquished. One thing that i didn't like on Charmed was that Phoebe was always having trouble with finding love. But anyway back to Alyssa. I want to be a lot like her when i grow up. She is one of my role models along with Tia Mowry, Beverley Mitchell, and that's about it. She is just such a good actresses, i don't think she did bad on any of her roles that she has ever done. I'm just afraid that her career has ended since Charmed has ended. I hope that is not true but i will still admire her.
  • alyssa milano is the greatest

    alyssa milano is a great actress she inspires me and she is beautiful. i think that she is a role model because she doesn't care what people say and she does her own thing. she has helped me realize that if i am pure of heart than i can achieve anything and no body can stop me. no matter what happens i will always look up to her and if i had a chance to meet her i would tell her that i believe in her and i want her to be happy and always remember me and think that i can make a difference.
  • charmed - phoebe halliwell

    i love alyssa milano .

    she is so talented, she has it all beauty

    im so jealous, and phoebe is so cool.
    alyssa plays her so well.

    its bad that she made shannen doherty fired.
    i love shannen.
    but this review is about alyssa milano not shannen doherty ;)

    she came to sweden one time but i didnt go because i had the flue, stupid flue i wanted to see her. i hope she comes one more time, and i hope they make a season 9 of charmed but that aint gonna happen , ooooh i love charmed
  • Amazing actress.

    She is one of my personal favorites. Not just becasue she plays one of my favorite characters and becasue of the one my favorite show, Charmed. but becasue you cna kind of tell her personality. She comes off as sweet and cool and nice. She is an amazing actress. That is all i have to say. SHe has been one if my favorite acteresses since i saw the show and since i saw the movie she has wiht reese witherspoon i thought she was amazing. Once in one of the show i got so caught up in her acting. It is/was simply amazing.
  • she is jong,beautiful and hot she is a great acteur/star she plays a great witch in charmed her hair must always be long then she is beautiful short hair doesn,t

    alyssa milano is a jong beautiful and very hot acteur/star.
    she plays a good part in commando as a little child with as father schwarzenneger who must rescue her because she is kidnapped.
    and later she plays in charmed as phoebe halliwell and that is a good choice.
    sometimes she has very long hair in the serie then she is very beautiful the mummy episode there is a picture of her in egyptisch outfit then she looks like a godess.
    she gets a lover cole there but it's not suppose tho be that they belong to each other.
    phoebe change,s also a couple a time in mystic beings like a mermaid.
  • one of the best actresses

    i loved her in Charmed because Pheobe is my fav character. she always makes me laugh & works really well with her co stars. if only cole had stayed good him & pheobe would still be together. i havn't Alyssa in anything else yet, but i know she does a lot for charity which i respect her for.
  • empty

    Alyssa Milano is really a good actress. Having gotten her start at such a young age on television's, "Who's the Boss," she has really blossomed into a wonderful actress. Her acting set ranges from comedy to drama to horror and in each role she adds realism such that you really believe she is the character.
  • This is my second fav actress.

    Alyssa Milono plays on one of my fav tv shows Charmed. She is the biggest star on Charmed. Her cohostes are in the first three seansons are, Shannan Dotey, Holly Marnie Combs , and her of course. In the last seasons (season 4 and on) Were Holly Matie Combs , Rose Magwan, Abd her of coyrse. She is a vegatarain, and was born in NY. Her hobbies are writing , travling , and taking photos. She is an acress , singer , and director. Her sign zodiac sign is Sagittarious and her fav movie is IT'S a Wonferful Life. She was born December 19 1972.
  • Brilliant

    alyssa is a brilliant actress,even though i haven't seen her in a lot of things i look up to her she is pretty !!she is inspirational on how she strongly believes poverty should end and she has visited some 3rd world countries such as India im pleased with what she has done and she was brilliant as phoebe in 'charmed' she has inspired me and i hope she has done that to everyone else.
  • empty

    Alyssa Milano apart from being very pretty, is one of the best young, somehow, actresses that I've seen. She is very talented, and has a along filmography in TV and in some movies for having started up so early, I love her in "Who's the Boss?" and in "Charmed" she was perfect for both roles. Alyssa is one great actress.
  • Alyssa Milano is a wonderful actress. She has done so well.

    Alyssa Milano is one of my favorite actresses. I started watching her when she played on Who’s the Boss and have been a fan ever since. I really admire her work with Unicef and the fact that she has come so far since she started out.

    Alyssa Jane Milano was born on December 19, 1972. Alyssa Milano is the daughter of Italian-American parents Lin, a fashion designer, and Tom, a film music editor. Alyssa started her acting career at the age of seven as one of the orphans in Annie. In 1983 at age 10, she landed her breakthrough role on the new sitcom Who‘s the Boss in 1984 as Tony Danza‘s daughter Samantha Micelli, a kid whose native Brooklyn accent rivaled her TV dad's. In order for Alyssa to accept the gig, the Milano family had to uproot and move 3,000 miles to Hollywood.

    Alyssa has seven tattoos. She has a sacred heart on her behind, a fairy kneeling in grass on her hip, rosary beads on her back, an angel on her left ankle, an Orobous (a snake biting its own tail) on her right wrist, an "om" on the other wrist and a garland of flowers around her right ankle.

    Personal quotes:
    Alyssa's favorite saying is "It's nice to be important, but it's important to always be nice."

    "Every time I decide I want a child I get another pet. I have 3 dogs, 13 birds and 3 horses, what does that tell you?"

    "I've always believed in experiencing everything in life. When you walk out with blinders on, you cut yourself off from the angels and the fairies.

    I am looking forward to the next role in Alyssa Milano's life whether it be producing, starring or directing.
  • Alyssa is the daughter of Italian-American parents Lin, a fashion designer and Tom, a film music editor. Alyssa was born in Brooklyn

    I love Alyssa Milano. She is so beautiful. I think her character is great in Charmed and I don't know why people make fun of her...may be they are just jealous. I think she deserves more than what she gets. She is my 2nd favorite Actress after Rose McGowan. I love her tatoos and i want two when i am older. I think Alyssa looked her best in season 8 when she had long hair. I think she didnt look her best when she was blonde and cut her hair but she still was beautiful well because she is Alyssa!
  • great gal really funny and energetic.

    Alyssa is really talented and brings charmed to life with holly. phoebe is funny and has had many boyfriends on the show and prue thinks she stole one of hers.Alyssa has been in many shows and movies and all of them i have enjoyed just purely cause of the fact she was in them. I think she is underrated as an actress and hasn't dicovered her true potential. I i ever became an actress i would LOVE to work alongside her as she is meant to be really funny and good to work and get along with.Also one of my favourite actresses.
  • Alyssa Milano has been a personal favorite since the start.

    Alyssa Milano has quite a resume to brag about, she can sing, she can act, she can even melt your heart with that beautiful smile. :)

    I remember checking out this series on ABC called "Who's The Boss?" because of actor Tony Danza being in it. When I caught the debut and saw this girl on there who was my age... I was hooked on the show and was hoping it would be picked up. When I heard the show was staying and also hearing how America loved it, I was so thankful! About the same time, the movie Commando was on cable TV, I never saw it before, until a friend told me I had to check it out. I didn't know why but when he told me Alyssa was in it, I asked him to record it for me since our provider sucked. Alyssa is 11 days older than me, and I was pretty psyched when I read that in an article. I remember having her posters all over my walls growing up... a few I still have saved back today. Alyssa has an incredible smile and her acting is flawless.

    When "WTB" was cancelled, I was hoping that Alyssa would find some work and return to Television, and still crank out a movie here and there. I remember her being on Melrose Place there for a while, then came the WB Network and that's where Alyssa got another long series under her belt. Charmed came out and was a huge success, I knew Alyssa could do drama work, so this was nothing to worry about. I was hoping that the show would have what it took to keep fans interested... man did it ever!

    After the series was cancelled, I was hoping that Alyssa would get another break in here career, according to IMDB, Alyssa will start in a new comedy series this fall on ABC. I hope this will be appreciated by viewers and give her a home at the place that launched her career.

    I can safely say that Alyssa Milano was my first celebrity crush, and although she's not #1 on my list anymore, she's still in my top 5. If you've never seen her act before, you are missing out my friends.
  • I love Alyssa Milano! She is my favorite character in Charmed!

    Alyssa Milano is one of my favorite stars ever! She is awesome at playing Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed, as well as an awesome singer. I love her tattoos! She seems so into her work as a actress and as a singer. I just think she's so dedicated to her songs and her roles as Samantha Micelli, Phoebe Halliwell and all of her other movie roles. I just love to watch her act because she makes it seem so real not just like she's acting for money or it's her job. She makes it seem like she's just doing it for fun. I just love her so much!
  • She soooooo cool

    From Who’s the Boss to Charmed Alyssa has stunned us with her beauty and talent. She has worked hard to get to were she is now; she even was an executive producer on Charmed along with Holly Marie Combs. She has guest stared on numerus thing like Family Guy and Spin City so she was on the show for one episode she made it her own and she can do it with any thing she does. Kid’s Choice awards nominated 3 times for the kick butt award. E named her number 5 on the cutest child stars betting Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingals Wilder) and the Olson twins. People say people say that child stars disappear but Alyssa is still shocking people with brilliants and will be continuing to do that.
  • Alyssa started acting at a young age, even then she is really talented.

    I happen to watch E! entertainment's '50 child star all-grown up' and she was one of the 50 stars! It's really amazing to see that she acted in many other shows starting at a really young age. She's really talented and i believe that she has much more to show even after Charmed.

    All the way!
  • She is soooo hot and beautifull!!! I know her from 'Charmed' and she is soooo perfect, there! Like actress, I mean.

    Alyssa Milano is soooo great actress! I think that shi is soooo amazing, and also hot and beautifull!!! I know her from 'Charmed', and she is amazing there! I love her! I've heard that she is filming two new movies 'The Blue Hour' and 'Me and Everyone Else'-2007. I hope that movies are gonna be great, like always!!! Alyssa is soooo gorgeous!!!
  • Charming Phoebe from 'Charmed'

    Alyssa Milano is very, very beautful and she also has good talent skills. She is probably most famous for her role of charming and cute Phoebe form 'Charmed'. Phoebe is also my favourite character in the popular show. I hope that Alyssa will make a lot of new movies, because the cult show is over. Can't wait to see her on the big screen!!!
  • Angelina Jolie Inspires Alyssa Milano: Now She Wants To Adopt

    Alyssa Milano has been quite the world traveler of late, taking time to entertain and sign autographs for the troops and traveling abroad for charity.

    Alyssa Wants to be like Angie Now Mike Walker is reporting that she has been inspired by fellow world traveler Angelina Jolie and wishes to adopt a third world baby.

    Just like Angie, and Jessica and Meagan

    The Enquirer columnist gives this account:

    After mind-expanding trips to Africa and India, Charmed UNICEF Ambassador Alyssa Milano's confiding to pals she's yearning to adopt a baby from a Third World country, "like Angelina Jolie — and she's already researching the process." A friend of Alyssa's says her journeys "changed her life" — and when the star returned to America she admitted: "It was very hard to leave without coming home with a baby."

    I like Alyssa - her time she takes for the troops in harms way and also those less fortunate is admirable. But soon folks are going to begin to ask if this whole Hollywood rend of third world baby adoption is getting out of hand.
  • charmed

    alyssa milano is the best ever.she was my favorite chacther on charmed.i mean she got into the chacther and she kicked demon butt.hahahahahahaha.i don't know what esle to say bout her so so so so so i don't know to say bout she is a great awsome good actress.
  • Alyssa Milano is my favorite witch on the show!!!!

    Alyssa Milano is one of the finest actress that I have seen on Charmed Ones. Man she is better off with out Cole Turner hounding her all the time. Please let her get married to the hottest boss she had on the show this past season. The one who is in hong kong wondering what she is doing. He really did love her even if she was not picking up the vives from that fine looking boss....
  • Alyssa Milano is one talented actress,she rocks! Alyssa role in Poison Ivy II she was awesome and I think thats why the creators of Charmed excepted her as the role to play Pheobe Halliwell on charmed. Her attitude and her awesome role playing.

    Alyssa Milano is another person that many women should look up too, many people say that in charmed pheobe shouldve died instead of prue. The difficulties between Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano made a very high disruptance in Charmed and im glad they killed off Shannen Doherty instead of Alyssa Milano. She has always been the star, the center of attention she is just an awesome person. In the show "Who's the boss." Alyssa was like only around 10 or 11 when she 1st started on it and a 10 year old being able to do a big role like that is just amazing. So i like to add that Alyssa Milano ROCKS!!!!!
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