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Amanda Babin


Metairie, Louisiana, USA

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Amanda Babin


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    • Amanda: I think Tyra would have been able to warm up the water. It was like being in the ocean. You can go in the ocean on a cold day — you just don't want to stay in it.

    • Amanda: Eugena has a strong presence and a really good walk. They just keep saying they see potential in her, but her photographs were not that great.

    • Amanda: You know, most of the girls didn't give Melrose a chance and actually talk to her. She has a soul, I swear. Some of the girls might say I'm wrong.

    • Amanda: Melrose has a bunch of sides to her. She can be calm, easy to talk to and a very chill person and then she can freak out, overthink things and go crazy! She gets a little dramatic.

    • Amanda: I kept practicing and practicing. I can learn in small increments and then put it all together. I would learn one part, then combine it with another part. I was basically learning it in segments. But then you had to put it all together which was hard.

    • Amanda: They were really surprised that I could dislocate my leg. I didn't think it was that hard. I don't think that played a major role, though.

    • Amanda Babin: In panel I just became uncomfortable after messing up on the dance. They saw a little bit of weakness, and with four girls who were that good, that bit of weakness was enough to send me home.

    • Amanda: I was actually expecting that if I wound up in the bottom two, it would be with Eugena. But that's not what happened.

    • Amanda: (talking about Michelle) I'm disappointed. We were hoping to both make it into the top four, so we'd have a 50 percent chance of winning, but we didn't quite get there.

    • Amanda: (talking about Michelle) She may be a little more natural in front of the camera than I am, but I don't think she's that much more talented. I think I actually have a stronger walk than she does.

    • Amanda: I tried out for Cycle 6 of ANTM and I didn't make it. This time my twin sister wanted to try out, too.

  • Amanda was on America's Next Top Model Cycle 7 with her sister but she didn't win.

    Love her and her twin sister! I wish they were in the finale 3 with CariDee then got into the finale 2 and it would be Amanda and Michelle. I thought Amanda was really pretty and had good strong pictures even thought they weren't as good as her sisters they were one of the bests. I think she deserved to go further because she was great! To me she is a real top model. Even an interview said that about the Babin twins. I really hope to see her on the cover of a magazine along with her sister, Michelle.moreless