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  • "Be careful Matt."

    For over 600 shows Matt and Kitty never had any intimate contact to my knowledge. Yet on one episode while Kitty was on hiatus or had left the show, Matt is seen sucking on, I think, it was Beverly Garland from My Three Sons. What's up with that? Was there some kind of compact or directive from the producers?

    There were many poignant moments on the show, especially near the ending, where a kiss had to be called for by the writers, but one never came. Very awkward.

    But the actors handled it well and all this detracted very little from the shows. Amanda and James deserve a lot of credit for pulling this off.

  • Amanda,Was one of a kind.A woman with a heart of Gold! A heart the size of Wow!.let me see Lets say What ever state she happen to be in.?her smile would light up the darkest room.And a laugh that was soo couldn't help but laugh with

    Amanda , the person ,the woman My Friend..was special
    Had so much love to give ,so much love for life all life she had talent, a fantastic actress, which we all have seen first hand..with her ride on her role as "Miss Kitty Russell" in Dodge City Of Gunsmoke for 19 years and what a ride it was ? I know I sat glued to the tv set every week to watch, and now I watch via TV land ...and My personal copies of CD's I now have of the 20 yrs. of Gunsmoke.
    Amanda and Jim (Arness) have brought to live these two characters Matt and Kitty for so many of us for so many years, that I don't believe we will ever have enough .
    it's even amazing that, they AB and JA are gaining new fans daily , even in the younger generation . They to are falling in Love with the characters that we have followed for so many years...Jim is still here to see what a wonderful fan base they have ...I only wish ( and I know in my Heart she does ) Know what a wonderful fan base she has too. And how much she is Loved and Missed.... Amanda,(Mandy) You are so Loved and Missed! Peace and Love ,"Dee"