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  • Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff are waaaaay better than this freak.

    Amanda is of the worst people i watched on tv. She is NOT even funny. Even in her own show. thank god Drake and Josh has their own show. Amanda is definetly too annoying. Now she is acting in the movies. Oh my god!! Now i want to run away from the movie theatre.
  • A bad role model for kids and teenagers alike

    Amanda Bynes isn't that talented, yet in her own show she's stupid. Also she appears on Big Fat Liar a stupid show which of course Amanda appears on all other stupid shows and her acting is downright pathetic. Also she won a kids choice award for being the most pathetic actress on tv today. But this is my opinion and I say Amanda ****.
  • I really don't know what to think of Amanda.

    Amanda Bynes is a good actress for pre-teens, but when your a teenager, she doesn't seem very good anymore. The Amanda show was garbage. Very pathetic, but the show "She's the man," I think she did quite a good job in. She looks different with her hair cut short and all in that movie, almost like a guy. Almost. Overall, she isn't a fantastic actress. Besides, she's only a comedic actress. Sometimes, unless the actor/actress is a very good comedic actor, then you don't get far if you just do comedy, and your not very good at it. Overall, Amanda isn't very good.
  • Not that great, not that funny.

    Amanda Bynes is one of the annoying actresses we have. She kinda souds like a chipmonk, anytime she talks. So we are all glad that she doesn't sing. Her acting is not that good. Its almost like she thinks that she is a diva or something. She is like all the other upcoming actresses now, they start out on a kid's network, then try to act all gown up! She's is pretty though, but she looks like she'w still in High School. I think she's okay, but not the best!
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    a real upcoming start...and young she may go places~
  • Amanda Bynes is a very talented actress. She is a comedy queen.

    Amanda Bynes is very talented as well as being very beautiful as well. I like a lot of shows she has starred in like All That, The Amanda Show and What I Like About You. I think she is much more better at comedy than anything else. I love her fasion styles and I also remember some of her famous quotes from her shows. Now she is in movies and is definately becoming more famous every day.

    Overall, a great comedic actress.
  • The "What I Like About You" star is truly gr8. she had her own show on Nickelodeon before ... I think thats really cool. Shes acted in multiple famous movies which are some of my favorites...

    Amanda Bynes is a great actress. she starred in What I Like About You, which is quite a popular show; i enjoy it very much, as a matter of fact. A few years ago, she had her own show "the amanda bynes show" on Nickelodeon. That's actually pretty cool. ... Um ... Amanda acted in one of my favorite movies called What A Girl Wants. And she acted in many other movies, which i also liked and still *do* like, actually. She has a really fun and outgoing personality. She has a pretty trendy and unique style also. I think she is pretty cool!!
  • I love Amanda Bynes!

    I love Amanda Byne's cute but casual fashion sense. She is really funny, too. I loved her on The Amanda Show and She's The Man. I am glad she is acting for all of us. She is really sweet. I love Amanda's passionate attitude about life and her will to do undying entertainment for all young people. She is not in enough projects lately. She needs to be in more movies lately. I really like Amanda. I haven't heard her sing much, but I really do believe she could be a really good singer. The world rocks with Amanda Bynes!
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    Amanda Bynes is a really beaitufl actress who is now pretty serious about her acting career as she is 21 and will slowly do more and more in the film industry. She was great in She's The Man and Big Fat Liar. I can't imagine her doing anything serious though.
  • She is talented and funny.

    Although I don't know much about her acting because I have only watched "She's the man". Just this single show has made me "fall for" her already. I couldn't stop watching the show. Her cute appearance makes her so likeable! She is one of the funniest actresses that I have seen. She is a talent that is in the making. She doesn't seem like the serious type at all. I think that she can go far if she gets spotted. Funny shows fit her the best.
  • Amanda Bynes is great and really funny.

    Amanda Bynes is a great actress and seems really down to earth. My favourite performance of her is in What A Girl Want's, I love that film. I also really liked 'Welcome to the girl's room' in the Amanda Show that was really funny.I'm also a big fan of What I Like About You
  • She's funny

    Although I haven't seen her since "The Amanda Show," I still remember Amanda Bynes as a hilarious actress with real talent and a down to earth personality. Wait, I did see another show with her in it (don't remember the name) but she did her part well. She's also done well in some movies, one of them where she dressed up as a guy. I don't remember that one much, but I knew I enjoyed the film. Anyway, I'm saying that Amanda Bynes is one of those few actresses in Hollywood with talent, charisma, and a good head on her shoulders.
  • great comedic actress

    amanda bynes is such a great actress she is the new lucy of this day in age she has such comedic timing and she is funny in whatever she does and she so cute she is fun to watch in what ever she is in I love here in what I like about you and in her movies they are so great i think she can only get better with age and with experince I will watch all of her movies and it is so nice not to see all the tabliod trash about her like you do all the other acctrress
  • she so pretty

    She funny, Gorges and brilliant what more can you get. All of her show and I mean all of them to “The Amanda Show” to “All That” are the best. Her movies are the coolest there funny, sad and extremely emotional. She one of the youngest comedians there is. In her movie, “She’s the Man”, she played her best role yet and I bet they will just get better after that. There is no doubt that she will go far as the stars. Some with half the amount of talent would be so lucky because she is one of the best and always will.
  • Great!

    Amanda bynes is a great actress! She first caught my eye in 'The Amanda Show' and when I was younger I used to love it and thought it was so funny. I admit now .. I think its abit annoying, but its still good. Some of the acts I absoloutly hate and cant stand are 'Hillbilly moment' and the one with a girl called 'Courtney' who made this weird noise like'Mahhaaaa'. But other then that and a couple of others I liked the show. She has been in quite a few films and two of my favourites are'Big Fat Liar' and 'Shes The Man'. I have Shes The Man on dvd and love it! It proves that she is a good enough actress to be a man and a woman and be funny at the same time!. Great movie!
    Her most recent role is in 'Hairspray' and OMG it is the best fim EVER!! It is truely amazing and is really good that she got a role in it. Her charactor was perky and cool and really good. She sucked a lollypop the whole way through lol.
    On top of great acting she has great looks aswell. She is really pretty.
  • Amanda Bynes who play another movie called She the Best Man. I know she play in She The Man. It was very good. Some part she was the best. Like when she turn in a guy.. And she try to be the best guy on the soccer team. they wre good on the team.

    The Girls were the best then the guys were.. i like the girls. what happen if the girls play on the guys team. or the girls play a against the guys. Can all the girls turn into guys too. If the girls can not play because the guys said we dont want the girls on our team.
  • Amanda Bynes

    Amanda Bynes is personally one of my favorite actresses. Ive watched her since i was about 6 or 7 and ive always loved her shows. I think she is a very positive person and a good role model. I've never seen anything bad about her and i think she is an amazing actress.
    I also think she is very funny and does a great job in choosing things that show off her acting skills and her ability to be, well, hysterical :)
    i love watching re-runs of what i like about you and the Amanda show because she is so funny in them and she seems like a normal kid :)
    Go Amanda!
  • Great actress!

    I love Amanda Bynes. She is so funny. I loved all the shows she starred in like All That, The Amanda Show, and What I Like About You. The shows that she guest starred were all fabulous! Each movie she starred in was so great for me. I loved all the stories and plot lines! They were all awesome! I hope that she gets more shows and also more movies. She does great at everything she does. I am a total fan. She's got so much talent. I find her interesting, entertaining and full of charisma. I love everything about her.
  • Amanda bynes is one of the funniest actresses i like to watch

    Amanda bynes is soooo funny! I watched She's the man so many times becuase i could not get over how hilarious she was in it. I love her face expressions in it, and how she played her character it was really good. i watched the Amanda show when it was on and I liked it a lot also. She is just an original person with a great personality. I think she is popular becuase she acts as her own person and sets herself different from other people. you can tell she doesn't care what other people think, and seems like a great romodel.
  • Just watched she's the man a few weeks ago, and I LOVE IT! Amazing performance by Miss Bynes.

    Amanda Bynes is one of the most talented young actresses in Hollywood. She surpasses Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff. Although, she stars in romantic comedy films and is foremost a comedian, she is still amazing. She differs from teen "sensation" actresses, and it shows. She does not let the media influence her personality and appearance. She might not be as exposed as Lohan or Duff, and that is a good thing. She is talented, beautiful, and funny no hilarious, and I just love her.
  • amanda started out on all that and since then has moved on to two shows that were like her very own and now had moved on to fabulous entertaining movies

    i have really admired amanda's work ever since all that..i liked all that before she came, but she didnt ruin all that by showing up..all of her skits were always funny even if she had a minor i said in my review of the amands show, i loved her show and she was so funny in that and then what i like about u, altho a drama, she was very funny in that and so grown-up..i have loved every movie ive seen of hers and look forward to seeing more and seeing the ones i havent seen yet (if that makes since lol) she is very talented
  • Why did this beautiful actress retire so early?

    I love Amanda Bynes so much and she has always been one of my favorite actresses ever since I was a little kid and she was in the hit Nickelodeon show "The Amanda Show". This actress was very pretty but as she got older... OMG, she grew up to be total sexy babe. Gosh dangit, this girl is smokin' HOT and she also looks like a very nice person. I was hoping to meet one day in the future but sadly she decided to retire as an actress so early. Why did this beautiful retire so early?. Amanda Bynes will always be a legend to me and in my heart because I admired and loved that actress since I was a little boy and even though she is no longer an actress... I hope I hear some news about her soon and I always look up to her. You must be crazy if you say that Amanda is an ugly person because she is not. She is a sexy, smokin' HOT, attractive, and beautiful actress. I know that whenever I review beautiful girls, I get carried away and say how beautiful and sweet they are... I can't help it especially when I'm a teenage guy who is almost turning 17. Her last film "Easy A" was a well done film and she did a great job acting in that film and other films and of course, I always remember her in "The Amanda Show" and the hit teen sitcom "What I Like About You". Overall, this girl is beautiful and it broke my heart when I heard that she retired. 10/10
  • Hilarious! Beautiful! Who couldn't love her?!

    Amanda Bynes is honestly my favorite actress. She was on All That. And I loved her. Especially when she was in the skit "Ask Ashley". She eventually got her own show and it was called " The Amanda Show ". I loved it. She was hilarious! I loved her as Holly Tyler on " What I Like About You ". Amanda was in the movies What A Girl Wants, She's the Man, and a lot of other great movies. My fave is Hairspray. She was amazing. Before, that I had no idea that she was a singer. But now, I know she's amazing. I love Amanda! She's Number One! Whoo-hoo!
  • Amanda Bynes Rocks!!!

    I have been an Amanda fan since she was in what a girl wants. I love her in that movie. I think she is so talented and genuine. Seems she didn't let the fame take the best of her and i highly respect her for that. She's a good women to look up too. Alot of stars you can't say that about. My favorite appearance that amanda starred in was "what i like about you". I love that show. Amanda seems to care about her fans. Thats alot. Amanda bynes is gonna end up being another Julia Roberts. #1 Fan, Winny look alike
  • I first saw her in her very own show "The Amanda Show!" and she is great!

    I totally loved her from "The Amanda show" she can totally do comedy! her acting is just brilliant and amazing. she is very entertaining. she is also very fabulous. She is a very good role model, You can barely see gossip about her in the tabloids, My favorite movie from her was "She's The Man" I can see she can totally act like a guy, since she had some guy roles in the amanda show. I love the fact she can change her voice! she is very awesome! I'd like to see her upcoming movies! I loved her when I was a child and I still love her now.
  • Probably my favorite child star...

    I still can't believe how much Amanda has grown up in these past few years. The most I remember from my childhood was when I sat on the living room floor watching Nickelodeon. It seemed as if Amanda was in every show I watched! She was in Figure It Out, All That, The Amanda Show, and on the Kids' Choice Awards. Amanda was always a joy to watch because she was funny, charming, and hyper! She always seemed to be smiling or laughing when on camera. As Amanda grew older, she stopped doing shows for Nickelodeon and started making movies. The movies are good, but they will never be as good as her shows. My favorite movies of her include: Big Fat Liar and What A Girl Wants.
  • Amanda Bynes will do great things.

    I first saw Amanda in "Big Fat Liar" with Frankie Muniz. I loved how they could argue with each other back in forth and then Frankie would win out.

    I have seen just about every movie starring Amanda Bynes. I love how she can make the simplest role into something big just by a raise of an eyebrow or a smile. She is the most natural person I have seen. Amanda can not look bad in any role she performs in. She is one of a kind!

    I look forward to seeing Amanda Bynes in so many more great shows or films.
  • good

    she was great in the amanda show and all that whan it was on nick. And the show she is doing now are great to like a bit a go she was doing What I Like About You and what a girl whats.she is a good actress she stared out in nick and worked her way up to hollywood. she is good at comedy to. she was in big fat liar and many other moives. i what to see more of her work as i get older and older. And wacth the older shows again and again as well as i get older and older.
  • Absolutely Brilliant! My personal role model.

    Amanda Bynes is a truly great person. I mean, she's about the only 20 something actress I can think of that isn't a big jerk and doesn't go to all night parties and screws up her life with alcohol. On top of that, she's hillarious! Amanda had the starring role on a kids TV show, and she took on the responsibility and set a good example for the kids. Take Jamie Lynn Spears for example. She, too, was the star of a kid's show, but she went out and got pregnant. Amanda stayed away from all that kinds of stuff, and she's living the good life! Amanda Bynes is my personal role model. We could all learn a lesson from her.
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    amanda bynes is so fuuny and awesome.she is also very pretty she is very talented.she rocks!!
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