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  • Why did this beautiful actress retire so early?

    I love Amanda Bynes so much and she has always been one of my favorite actresses ever since I was a little kid and she was in the hit Nickelodeon show "The Amanda Show". This actress was very pretty but as she got older... OMG, she grew up to be total sexy babe. Gosh dangit, this girl is smokin' HOT and she also looks like a very nice person. I was hoping to meet one day in the future but sadly she decided to retire as an actress so early. Why did this beautiful retire so early?. Amanda Bynes will always be a legend to me and in my heart because I admired and loved that actress since I was a little boy and even though she is no longer an actress... I hope I hear some news about her soon and I always look up to her. You must be crazy if you say that Amanda is an ugly person because she is not. She is a sexy, smokin' HOT, attractive, and beautiful actress. I know that whenever I review beautiful girls, I get carried away and say how beautiful and sweet they are... I can't help it especially when I'm a teenage guy who is almost turning 17. Her last film "Easy A" was a well done film and she did a great job acting in that film and other films and of course, I always remember her in "The Amanda Show" and the hit teen sitcom "What I Like About You". Overall, this girl is beautiful and it broke my heart when I heard that she retired. 10/10