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    • Amanda: The word fans is so weird to me because I don't feel like I have fans.

    • Amanda: Whistler has definitely been a great six months and it was so much fun. Seven of us from the cast went to Costa Rica together after we wrapped because we just couldn't get enough of each other!

    • Amanda: I am a dork at heart!

    • Amanda: If there are fans out there, I love you all and thanks for the support! Stay cool!

    • Amanda: From the show I did, 15/Love, I got so much fan mail and I made such an effort to write each individual person a personal letter. They took the time to write you so you have to take the time to write back.

    • Amanda: I am obsessed with the band Bright Eyes. I love Connor Oberst! Jesse Moss [Quinn on Whistler] introduced to this band when we were filming. I am obsessed! I just found out that they are coming to Vancouver on my birthday so this is going to be the best birthday ever! D-TV, which is the other network that is airing the show, is having the launch party so I can't go! But, I will still keep listening to their CDs!

    • Amanda: Whether it is how to work in different atmospheres or with different emotions, I just love learning.

    • Amanda (about her character on the show Whistler): She's like your average girl in high school that is trying to figure herself out, but she has so much going on. Her mom died when she was a kid and her dad took off before she was born. She was raised by her sister so she has so much going on underneath. She's trying figure herself out and set herself apart now that her boyfriend is dead.

    • Amanda: In my spare time, I do a lot of things. I like to read and listen to music. I like designing clothes and you're average stuff, like writing poetry.

    • Amanda (about growing up): I just had no idea who I was, but that's part of growing up.

    • Amanda (about the show Whistler): It's addictive! When I was filming, you'd only get one script at a time. I was, literally, going into the writers' office saying, "Give me the next episode! I want to know what happens next!" You just become so addicted to the characters and their secrets that you want to know more and more. That's what the viewers are definitely going to love about the show!

    • Amanda: I just finished filming the first season of Whistler and right after that we went up to Whistler to film the webisodes. I am not working on anything, but I am starting the auditioning process again.

    • Amanda (about the show Whistler): It has such an interesting appeal. There are not many shows out there like it. I fell in love with the character with all of the things she is struggling with, I loved the premise of the show, all of the other characters and all of the other aspects of the show are just great! I think it's just a great project.

    • Amanda (about the show Whistler): Most moments on set involve everyone making fun of me. I was like the runt of the cast because I was the youngest by about five years so we all had a lot of fun.

    • Amanda: Amanda Bynes is so much fun to work with. We had a really good time and we really clicked well. She was such a goofball and so am I, so we had a lot of fun!

    • Amanda (about the show Whistler): The show is about a professional snowboarder golden-boy that has come back from the Olympics named Beck McKaye. He's been back in town, but one morning he's found on the mountain dead. They don't know if it was murder, if it was an accident or suicide. So, over the season they try and figure out what happened. My character was his girlfriend. She's seventeen and she was, basically, dating the coolest guy and he dies.

    • Amanda (about being in high school): I was so insecure! I was the hugest insecure loser ever! I tried to hang out with the popular groups to be cool, because that's what you're supposed to do, but I felt so uncomfortable. I felt that way, probably, until grade twelve when I kind of came into my own.

    • Amanda (about the show Whistler): The cast and the crew were so awesome. We all got along so well. I was just younger than everyone and I am just a huge klutz. I am a big dork and I say the wrong thing at the wrong time so I was usually made fun of. It was in good fun though!

    • Amanda (about working with Amanda Bynes in the film She's the Man): She's just hilarious and I was so happy about the movie because I think she nailed it! She's so funny and has such a natural comedic presence. We had a lot of fun working together.

    • Amanda: Every project that I've worked on has been a different experience. You always learn something new. That's what I find, that I learn something new on every project.