Amanda Kimmel

Amanda Kimmel


8/3/1984, Kalispell, Montana

Birth Name

Amanda Lee Kimmel


  • Amanda Kimmel is a hero on Survivor: Her...
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Amanda Kimmel, a former pageant queen from Kalispell, Montana, is one of the 16 castaways who competed in SURVIVOR: CHINA and now is one of ten returning contestants for SURVIVOR: MICRONESIA - FANS VS. FAVORITES. Amanda came in third place in SURVIVOR: CHINA and second place in SURVIVOR:…more


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    • Amanda (on fellow contestant James from Season 15 and 16 of "Survivor"): I know things about James he doesn't want people to know. And he knows stuff about me. We could be worst enemies, or we can become allies.

  • Errors on what costed her the win

    Though Amanda had won her place in the finals and lasted 39 days in both China and Micronesia, she lost both seasons coming so close. She would've won against Todd, if she had honestly admitted she had lied to the jury like Todd did. She looked at everyone so doe-eyed and seemed apologetic. She should've just done what Todd did. Her game play interesting, but like Eliza said, that whenever she saw her, she wanted to kill herself. Whoa! Amanda is pretty strong, but she really has to act a little meaner and be honest about her lying so that's why she lost to both Parv and Todd.moreless
  • Should of won season 16!!

    Damn Amanda should of won Fans vs Faves, she played the better game than Parvati and she totally stayed loyal to Ozzy and James when Pavati stabbed them in the back! Amanda is a strong woman and I think they all knew she could beat them in a challenge when all the men were gone and oh she did! But she didn't luck out at the end and that totally sucked. I was rooting for Amanda and Ozzy the whole season and when they voted Ozzy off I was so mad at them. He was my fave and so I had to change who I wanted to win it. But I'm glad Amanda and Ozzy are together and hopefully they can make it work!moreless