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  • Trivia

    • Amanda is the narrator of Judith McNaught's "Until You" audiobook.

    • Amanda was in the music video for Sade's song "Smooth Operator".

    • Her first big break came with the role of Lady Victoria in the movie Oxford Blues (1984).

    • Amanda's first ever screen role was in the TV movie The Cold Room (1984).

    • She was previously married to the English director Peter Kohn, the first assistant director of all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. They were married at Wandsworth in 1984 and divorced in 1987.

    • Her height is 5' 7", or 1.70 metres.

    • After a career as a top fashion model, Amanda trained as an actress at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, in Wandsworth, South London.

    • Amanda's father, the late Howard Pays, was an English actor and show business agent.

    • She was named after her aunt 'Mandy' Miller (real name Carman Isabella Miller), the child star of the movie Mandy (1952) about a deaf-mute child. Mandy Miller had appeared in ten movies by the age of fourteen, but she gave up acting for good at the age of eighteen.

    • She is the daughter-in-law of the veteran Hollywood actress Jeanne Cooper (born 1928).

    • She was the co-host of the emergency action video In a Split Second (1998). The production shows you what to do in the event of a gunshot wound, a heart attack, electrocution, choking, and other emergencies.

    • She has four sons, called Oliver (born in 1989), Henry and Angus (twins, born 1992), and Finley (1998).

    • Amanda has been married to the American actor Corbin Bernsen since 1988.

  • Quotes

    • Amanda Pays: In my own mind I always felt I wound wind up doing something in the entertainment business. I liked the attention I would get from people when I would be in a play or do a skit.

    • Amanda Pays: Modeling just kills the brain cells. It was good experience and it allowed me to meet many people but it was pretty awful.