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    TV.com has set a ceiling on the number of quotes that can be submitted to an editorless guide to ten (10). I've set mine to about fifteen (15). The reason being the blurb page for a person shouldn't feature everything a person says, but quotes likely to be interesting for people who doesn't know the person that well when they visit the page. While the blurb page become very hard to navigate with 50ish quotes and equally many trivias, everyone with a special interest in that many quotes shouldn't mind taking a detour into this forum.

    If you think your potential quote submission is more interesting and/or more up-to-date than those on the blurb page, just go ahead and submit it. If I'm still editor and don't agree, it just might end up here instead. I've transferred some of the excess quotes from the Quotes Section of the guide. Please feel free to add on quotes to this thread, but keep out discussions and opinions. Start a new tread if you'd like to comment on or discuss Amanda Righetti's quotes.

    Amanda on Amanda:

    Amanda: There was that pretty-girl factor. People would ostracize me without knowing a thing about me.

    Amanda: I guess being pretty has its advantages.

    Amanda on hair and fashion:

    Amanda: I had this really nasty blond hair, then I went to black right after that, which was even worse.

    Amanda: My hair got a little fried from the dying and one day I decided to chop it all off. It was a boy-short-and-spiked kind of thing.

    Amanda on roles and acting:

    Amanda: I'll be wearing a lot of skimpy clothes in Reunion.

    Amanda: My character in Reunion, Jenna, is very much about the whole '80s Madonna thing: loud and attention-getting.

    Amanda: Work has been really good to me this year, but I've had my moments of complete grumpiness, like when we're shooting on location and it's really hot and sticky outside.

    Amanda on relationships and such:

    Amanda: One time, I had this boyfriend who cheated on me. I cheated back and then we broke up and then got back together. It was very soap-opera drama: "I love you. No, I hate you!"

    Amanda on this and that and everything else:

    Amanda: I've been to strip clubs several times. I just have a drink and watch the fun. It's surreal to sip a cocktail with naked ladies dancing randomly and gyrating on poles.

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