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  • talented actress

    she really is good in this show, fit perfectly : naive but perfeccionist, by far i miss More I see the new characters the more i miss the old team
  • She's amazing in the Mentalist.

    I've only really seen her in The Mentalist but I'm sure I've seen her in something else too (although can't find it in I think she would make a great young Laura Croft in a reboot of the appalling Tomb Raider movies, although I do hope they make more The Mentalist and give her a more active role apart from the computer geek surfing the net and checking on hotel reservations etc.. She had some very good lines in the Pilot and the Rigsby/Van Pelt relationship is always amusing.

    She also reminds me a bit of Buffy's sister (Amanda Trachenburg??) but a bit older
  • Such a pleasure.

    I've seen Amanda Righetti only in the Mentalist, but her performance really stuck in my memory. It's hard to forget a woman that beautiful. Nowadays tv-shows are full of identical fake-blond and fake-tanned girls. It's hard to tell one from another, they all look the same. Fortunately Mentalist has not only an outstanding leading man, but two remarkable ladies that catch your eye from the very first episode. Robin Tunney is the sweetest thing and Amanda is one of the most beautiful women in show-business. She reminds me of Renaissance belles, she has that pure beauty that we hardly meet in modern world. And she is really good in what she's doing.
  • This show needs to get Amanda out of the background and feature her in more episodes.

    Amanda is a beautiful girl and a talented actress. This show needs to get her out of the background and feature her in more episodes. They also need to dress her better, without officer's trousers and blouse, to show her attractive features better.On North Shore and O.C. she was a 10+, beautifully dressed and featured in many of the episodes! She contributed greatly to making those shows such a success.

    There has been one episode this season where she had a decent role. She had a boyfriend that was the criminal and who romanced her and worked his way inside the operation. She was great. Her acting kept the viewer's attention and was very appropriate to her role in the episode. Of course, her beauty and sensuousness, will keep any male's attention.
  • beauty, knock-out babe good actress

    She is a real Beautiful woman. Yes, she's an absolute breathless babe. . . Not to mention, good actress. Npt memorable but good. And what a perfect angel face. . . Very feminine. . . Did i mention breathless babe? ;o)

    It is strange that i've never heard about her before her recuring role in The Mentalist, as a regular cast member. She play a tought girl, investigating crime cases with the mentalist. She play the kind of anoying babe full her her self, always ready to **** or to argue sarcasticaly with anyone . . . The character reminds me an ex-girlfriend.
  • Underutilized.

    Looking at her IMDb bio, I know I haven't seen Amanda Righetti in anything else (though I'm surprised I don't recall her from CSI appearances), and yet she has one of those "I know I've seen her somewhere" faces.
    More importantly I think she's got a lot of as yet unused potential, and if "The Mentalist" producers and writers were smart they would ensure better role development for "Van Pelt".
    She and "Rigsby" do already, but could certainly provide more of the comic relief in the show and their story line would be a sensible and enjoyable adjunct to the whole crime-mentalist thing...I like back-stories, what can I say??!!
    Here is to more air time and good story line for "Grace Van Pelt", and to a long and developing career for Amanda Righetti.
  • Amanda has a supporting role on the #1 new TV Drama "The Mentalist".

    Ms. Righetti is easily the most beautiful woman on television today. Her striking and unique looks attract attention without being overtly sexual. She provides some much-needed eye candy for us men. (Women have Simon baker to ogle, and Robin Tunney doesn't quite balance that equation.) Her involvement in any episode thus far has been strictly peripheral, but with hints at more screen time and character development. I eagerly await such a development. She has yet to be called on for any strenuous acting, but glimmers of skill and depth have shone through on occasion nonetheless. Keep an eye on this one!
  • She is so seductive that guys give her attention. Her attractive looks and body also makes her good in the eyes of many viewers. Her role in the O.C. is simple and she was able to do her part very well according to what the story states.

    She's got the talent, guts, and the necessary ingredients to be a good actress. Her attractive looks and body also makes her good in the eyes of many viewers. With her great body, and character, she's got many roles to suit with.

    She can do roles in drama and action. Her role in the O.C. is simple and she was able to do her part very well according to what the story states. Her role of a hard-headed daughter is suited to her because her looks suit well with it.

    At the same time, she is also good at roles as a dancer because of her sexy body. She is so seductive that guys give her attention. For her, I hope she'll do well on all her roles on all projects she's got to take.
  • Extremely attractive and talented actress!

    I first saw Amanda Righetti in The O.C. and immediately I fell in love... she's one of the most gorgeous actress ever... and also it's really talented...
    It's a shame that two of her shows (North Shore and Reunion) haven't make it for more than a season... but I'm really waiting to see her in other series...
  • amanda righetti is an amazing actress!

    amanda righetti is an amazingly talented actress! she is talented and beautiful! she is able to capture her character and is funny too. She has also has had some amazing roles, like on CSI and on the OC where she played Haily Nichol and did a great job doing it.
  • Amanda righetti should not be this underrated. She is a great actress and should be noticed by more people.

    Amanda Is such a talented actress and not to mention GORGOUSE. I really wish she was a bigger star because we all know her work says it all. She is a great part of The OC, North Shore and now Reunion. i know a lot of peopl who cant wait untill Reunion comes on. Such a good show for her. Great actress, stunnning actress.