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    • Amanda: (on the differences between the shows Gossip Girl and One Life to Live) Gossip Girl is shot as a single camera show. Meaning it's shot like a movie, each week. Therefore there are a lot more takes and every scene takes a lot more time. One Life To Live is shot like a sitcom, with up to 4 or 5 cameras shooting at once allowing them to catch every moment from every angle. They are challenging in their own ways; very different but both very informative. I learned so much from Gossip Girl and am so happy to have the opportunity to learn more and gain new experience at One Life To Live.

    • Amanda: (on her role in One Live to Live) I play the role of Kimberly Andrews, a stripper from Vegas who comes to help her best friend through some troubled times. Although Kim is a bit manipulative and sneaky, she also has a really compassionate side for those she cares about. The friendship she has with Stacy Morasco is so real, so authentic, that its nice to see these moments of humanity and vulnerability through an extremely tough skin. Over all, Kim has been such a blast to play. She cracks me up. Everyday on set I'm actually laughing out loud.

    • Amanda: (on how her NYC experience doesn't relate to the one described in Gossip Girl) I spent a lot of time in Manhattan during my high school years but in a completely different scene than the one presented on the show. The NYC parties I attended definitely were not catered with a DJ.

    • Amanda: (on what she would change in her character in Gossip Girl) I actually love her. Personally, I think she's hilarious in an extremely over the top way. Her overall sense of entitlement and snarky attitude is just hysterical. But, if I had to choose one thing, it would definitely be her blatant affection for headbands.

    • Amanda: (on her high school experience) I was the vice president of my high school theater club. Not exactly the "coolest" club in school but it was truly my home. We had the time of our life and didn't even think about what other people thought of us.

    • Amanda: (on her role in Gossip Girl) Penelope seemed like a fun and interesting girl. A girl who is as far from myself as I could get but yet am so intrigued by. I figured it would be such a fun experience to not only take on this character herself, but live in this fantastical world of popularity, wealth, and decadence that seemed too delicious to pass up.

    • Amanda: (on her grandmother influences in her style) I grew up with style being very influential to me, not so much fashion, per-se, I did not grow-up, really, around branding, or you know, high-end labels. My very, very stylish grandmother was who really imparted her style, wisdom, and beauty tips on me.

    • Amanda: (on liking boots and shoes) I have a lot of boots, I LOVE boots. I find them so comfortable, and a lot of nice heels… I do love shoes! I do not spend a lot of money on shoes, but I enjoy a good pair of shoes, for sure!

    • Amanda: (on her favorite piece of cloth) At the end of high school, beginning of college, I had this coat, it was a tweed coat, and it was black, white and yellow tweed. It looked very spotty all over the place……and I wore that coat into the ground! I actually still have it, because I loved it so much.

    • Amanda: (on being Jewish not Italian) I am not Italian, although I definitely passed for Italian while I was there. I'm Jewish.

    • Amanda: (on Italy and filming there) Italy was lovely. I was filming a fictional experimental biography based on the life of the Italian filmmaker Pasolini. It was mainly thought gestures and expression rather that dialogue.

    • Amanda: (on her fashion style while growing up) I wasn't really a fashion-conscious kid. While the others were running around with designer bags, I was a rebel and made a messenger bag out of my brother's old cargo pants.

    • Amanda: (on getting her role in Gossip Girl) I got out of college, got an agent, and within weeks, got an audition for Gossip Girl. It wasn't even on TV yet. I got a call back and ultimately tested with a series regular. The first role I tested for I did not get, and I was devastated, but less than a month later, I received a phone call over Labor Day weekend. It was for the role of Penelope. I went back in and I got the role, and started shooting a few weeks later.

    • Amanda: (on her beauty regiment) I use the Kiehls ultra facial cleanser, then apply Clinique's dramatically different moisturizing lotion. As for make up, I wear Guerlain bronzer.

    • Amanda: (on her eating habits) I'm a pretty healthy eater. I tend to stay away from meat and dairy. I eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds.

    • Amanda: (on her exercising habits) I stay in shape by working out as much as I can which usually is 6-7 days a week. I try and do something everyday.

    • Amanda:(on the movie The Passion of the Christ (2004)) It was unbelievable. The music, the cinematography, the acting, oh my God, the acting - all the artistic elements were amazing. There was even a point where I could barely breathe. But the story is very anti-Semitic when it didn't need to be.

    • Amanda: (on being recognized for Gossip Girl) I've been recognized, and I have been hounded a couple of times, but I can't imagine being Blake or Leighton or Chace. It's just insane for them.

    • Amanda(on acting in college) I started getting my hands on any projects I could find. A lot of my friends were film students so we'd get together and mess around with a camera in the [Garden Apartments]. I did as much as I possibly could to gain more experience on how my angles were on camera and what lighting worked best.

    • Amanda: (on her character in the second season of Gossip Girl) Penelope will be back in action. She's vicious as ever.

    • Amanda(on being in the movie Sex and the City (2006)) It was an incredible experience to even be on that set just for one day.

    • Amanda(on the Meisner technique) It has helped me to not run away from my feelings and lay them on the line. It also has allowed me to be much more aware and in touch with my feelings. I mean, it's not therapy, but it's a close second!