Amanda Swafford

Amanda Swafford


10/30/1978, Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA

Birth Name

Amanda Lynn Swafford



Also Known As

Amanda Lynn Swafford, Amanda Mellard
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Amanda Lynn Swafford was born the 30 of October in 1978 in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Before auditioning for America's Next Top Model, she was a model in Texas under the alias "Amanda Mellard".

She then decided to audition for Cycle 3 of UPN's reality tv show America's Next…more


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    • Amanda: I Am Only I, humorous, curious, generous, all out of words that end in "ous". I am enamored by sunsets and words. Smell of perfume on leather. I love rocks...crystals and chunks of concrete that look like Elvis. Cooking good food, eating pudding and hanging out with Eli Jah Wolf, waiting to come back to Austin occupies my time. Writing, drawing, girlifying, being subtly provocative...

    • Amanda: The girls are starting to feel intimidated by me and its really making me feel good as hell.

  • Who should have won America's Next Top Model cycle 3? All though I think that Eva is a worthy winner, my vote would be on Amanda.

    A 25 year old mother who is also legally blind competing on ANTM? Who would ever thought that. But she is a knock down beaty with gorgeous eyes, wich are her best features. She has a great editorial look and did fabulous on all her pictures during the show. My favourite photos were the beauty shot from episode 3, the Dooney & Bourke photoshoot from episode 4 and the YJ Stinger shoot from episode 6. Becides she is just beautiful and lovely, she also has a great personality. Allright, she is a bit quirky just as was said in ANTM, but that is just how she is. She is a beautiful Ice Queen, she's edgy and... just AMAZING! If I where in charge of the jury that time I would have no deliberation and just have said that Amanda was the winner and the other girl could have packed there bags. But it didn't went that way, Amanda should at least be in the final two, but I'm glad that Eva won the competition instead of Yaya because I couldn't stand her.moreless
  • When I first saw Amanda Swafford on America's Next Top Model I thought she was very gorgeous. But as the show went on, I came to admire her.

    I mean, she's a mother, twenty five years old (which is considered to be too old to be starting a modeling career) and to add to that, she's also legally blind and going to continue losing her sight until the age of thirty. How ironic that one aspiring to be in the business of being beautiful may someday not be able to see the fruits of her labor. But anyways, Amanda is not only a knockout beauty but also a good role model to many. Despite her disabilty she is still doing what what many people haven't done; live life to the fullest. But she's also doing this to provide a future for her little son. Wow, beautiful and noble! Too bad she lost, I was rooting for her...moreless