Amanda Tapping





8/28/1965 , Rochford, Essex, England, UK

Birth Name




Amanda Tapping was born in August 28, 1965, in Essex, England. She lived with her family in South Essex for a short while, and then they moved to Ontario, Canada, when she was 3. Amanda has blonde hair, blue eyes, and her height is 5' 9'' (175 cm). She has a twin brother and two older brothers. She mostly likes camping, skiing, hiking, reading and riding horses.

Although her parents wanted her to become a scientist, and although she excelled in math during school, her aspiration was arts. She won acting and scientific awards while she studied in North Toronto High. She used to wish she could guest star in Coronation Street, her and her mother's favorite TV show.

Amanda studied and graduated Drama in the University Of Windsor School Of Dramatic Arts in Windsor, Ontario, and spent 4 more years studying theater and appearing on stage. At that time, she was still under her vow not to appear on TV. Later she hired an agent and performed in commercials, using her money to sustain her and her 2 friend's comedic group, in the early 90's. Throughout the years 1995-1997 she participated in TV shows such as Flash Forward, Golden Will: The Silken Laumann Story and Remembrance. She was even a guest star on X-Files. She took part in several films, such as The Donor, Rent-a-Kid, and Booty Call.

Amanda's career got the huge breakthrough when she won the role of Captain/Major/Colonel Samantha Carter in the TV series Stargate SG1 in 1997.

Samantha Carter, her character in Stargate SG1, is a brilliant doctor and scientist who researched and studied the Stargate for years, until she was recruited to SG1, the leading team, to go through the gate (an alien device capable of transferring matter to distant planets) to look for technologies and allies to protect Earth against evil beings in space. Her co-star for the first 8 seasons was none other then Richard Dean Anderson.

Amanda is married to Alan Kovacs, and their daughter, Olivia B, was born on March 22, 2005.

Theatrical plays she was in:

The Wizard of Oz (as a little child, as Mrs Gulch)

The Lion in Winter (at the age of 18, as Alais Capet)

Steel Magnolias -West End Theater (as Shelby)

Look Back in Anger (as Alison, 1986)

Children of a Lesser God (as Sarah, 1987)

The Taming of the Shrew (as Bianca, 1988)

Noises Off (as Brooke Ashton)

The Shadow Walkers