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  • An amazing woman..

    I never new Amanda was born in England , which is great to know , but still I loved her before I new that. stargate sg1 and now on sanctuary are probably the only programs I watch at the moment because of Amanda being in them , she's a great actress, smart, loving , caring , and just an all round wonderful person , I would love to meet her but I know it will never be possible , well there's always hope. keep going Amanda and I shall keep watching ..
  • Amanda Tapping is a really great actress.

    Amanda Tapping is a really great actress. When I first started to watch Stargate SG-1 she was the main reason. She is just so great at acting and is just captivating. To me she is the main character of the show. I don't really like watching Stargate Atlantis but I started to watch it when Amanda became a main person in the show. When they replaced her I stopped watching it unless one of the SG-1 people were on it. The main reason I stated to watch Sanctuary is because Amanda was in it. It is a really good show that I am glad she is apart of. She has got to be one the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She looks good with dark hair but she is absolutely stunning with blond hair. Also I like it better when she has short hair but she looks good with long hair as well. I have never met her but she seems like a really nice person that is really funny. I hope to see her more often in movies and TV shows.
  • She is such a great role model. She makes being smart sexy again.

    Amanda Tapping is really a great actress. She makes you believe that she is her character and you can see she really enjoys it. And I find it great that she took the roles that she took. She really thought about the roles she took and I find it beautiful that she plays strong smart woman. She is a real role model for doing so. She makes people see that smart woman can be sexy! every time I see one of her characters I fall in love with them. My all time favorite character still is Samantha Carter. Because she plays her so well and she is brilliant and beautifully. I still hope we get to see more of her in the future.
  • She really got into it.

    Amanda is a beautiful woman and obviously very well educated and highly imaginative. She started off a bit slow until she saw how the professional Ghost Hunters do their inspections and questions. But once she got the hang of it, she was excellent.

    I didn't like that heavy scarf around her neck covering her chin, but Delaware can be pretty chilly at this time of year and inside a castle of granite and concrete with no central heating requires proper attire.

    I just wish she got a little more into it, as Valentine did, and start learning how to use some of the equipment.
  • Very underrated actress and if given the chance will dive straight to the heart of the parts she plays and drag you along with her kicking and screaming.

    Hopefully Sanctuary will really take off and take Amanda and the rest of the cast and crew with it. Certainly it's very different from her Sam Carter character, but at the same time there are still small traits which pop up every now and again, although Helen Magnus is much more "in your face". Kudos to Amanda for bringing to like a part which I think will very quickly grow on her fans and also introduce a legion of other people to her acting talents. What I also like is the fact that there are clear signs of Amanda "the person" within Helen and anyone who has had the privilege to meet Amanda will no doubt attest to this.
  • good actress...

    Amanda Tapping is probably best known for her role in Stargate SG-1 and now Stargate Atlantis. She plays Captain/Major/Colonel Sam Carter. She really moved up the ranks through the show...anyways, Tapping is a pretty good actor. I enjoy watching her play Carter and I believe she does a good job with the character. Tapping has a lot of scientific mumbo-jumbo stuff to say and she gets all her lines out and makes it sound like she knows what she's talking about. Anyways, Tapping is a good actor and I really want to see her get a major role on another show.
  • She is such a great actress, and I would like to say a great role model for girls. It would make them want to grow up studying as hard as they possibly can so they can be just like samantha Carter. What a great goal! What mother wouldn't be proud.

    What can I say about Samantha Carter that has not already been said? This is one of the greatest female characters that I can think of. This is a woman who gets where she wants to go with the merdits of her mind not her body or flashy eye lashes and any other part of her body. I love that.
    She is the smartest one on her crew and is usually the one who actually ends up saving her team. She may not have all the answers but if you give her a minute and she will figure it out. She is a genius and then some. Love this charcter and I really dont think anyone else could carry it off l;ike she does. This character was made for Amanda. She carrys it off with ease. I really hate the fact the show is ending I love watching her solve impossible puzzles while the guys stand by and watch with amazement.
  • Canadian Actress Amanda Tapping is most widely known for her role as Lt. Colonel Samantha Cater on Stargate SG1.

    I have only had the privilege to watch Amanda in The Void and on Stargate, but from that I can add up that she is a great actress. She can play every emotion with poise and dignity and has the strength to only become better. Her eyes are captivating and show her nature beautifully.
  • Great actress!

    I think that she is a great actress and also seems to be headed for a lot of potential once the show ends. And that I hope that she can nab a great role with lots of potential and most of all, can carry a show. Because she has natural beauty to go along with her talent IMO!
  • Such talent!

    What can i say!... i have been following Stargate Sg-1 one from the day its aired on tv and not once have i been dissapointed by Amanda\'s Performance. Such Talent! She\'s an Amazing actress and and a big influence in fundraising for Charity.

    Keep up the excellent work Amanda!

    btw: has anyone seen photo\'s of Olivia??
  • so great

    I love amanda she is truely the best female TV sci Fi charecter ever.. Smart, strong.. there has been no other woman in sci fi that is even half as smart , strong as sam.. she is what we follow as a role she is as smart ,smarter than any Man on Sci fi today
  • gorgeous and a superb actress as well.

    in my opinion, she is one of the premier
    underexposed beautiful and great actress
    today. if she ever be cast in a major
    motion picture, she will really shine.
    right now, she has a cult following
    of major numbers. she would glitter in
    both action roles or drama roles. a
    bonus is her possession of a great body
    and a pretty face.
  • What can I say about her...just one of the best out there

    What more can I say about her and I haven't even started it. At first, I didn't realize how good she was, but after watching her in Stargate SG-1, I just realized that she's very talented. She acts when she needs to including in one of the episodes she stars in where she's under some kind of "plague." That would have to be one of my favorite episodes for her. It's too bad that the show she hosted, "Proof Positive," had to end. I really liked her a the host.

    For the future, I hope gets more roles on TV and in movies if possible. People overlook her because of the fact that she's in a sci-fi series which isn't very popular among people. She's funny and intelligent too which gives her an advantage. She's one of the actresses at the top of my list for favorite sci-fi actresses. You should make her you favorite too!
  • great actress. Love her work.

    She is great. Specially in her character in Stargate Sg-1: Samantha Carter.
    Most of the terms she use i can\'t even pronounce and she says it with such naturalness.
    She\'s perfect for that part. Samantha Carter is a smart, sexy and strong woman, I couldn\'t imagine a better actress for the part them Amanda Tapping.

    She was great in New order(part one and two), specially on that part where fifth were torturing her and she started crying and begging him to stop. It only came to prove the talent of this amazing actress. Hope on hearing more about her in the future.

    Most of the success of Stargate is due to her talent.
  • Funny, cute, smart, intelligent, and just plain Awesome!!!!!

    Amanda Tapping who plays the slightly quarky, and extremely smart Col. Samantha Carter in Stargate SG-1 started out a bit shaky, and her lines weren\'t very good either. Using lines like: \"Holy Hannah!\" But thankfully she and the writers are past that phase. Amanda has absolutly bloomed as an actress, giving stunning physical, and emotional performances! Fortunatly she is not full of herself on any level, you can tell from behind the scenes footage that Amanda is not, and neither is her character Samantha. She is if anything a bit modest, even though she has single handedly saved the galaxy before! I think that the struggle for romance between her and Jack is cute and gives an extreme amount of emotional weight to the show, showing that they have problems other than the Stargate program. She is one of my favorite actresses by far, and should win an emmy for best female performance in a television show! That\'s all there is to it.
  • Great actor adds something to SG-1

    Amanda is one of my favourite actors and i think that she plays one of the better charachters of Stargate SG-1 she is a brilliant actor who has a great ability to parts that she as a person is probably not best suited to be even though she does a real great job. When i first started watching SG-1 about 5 years ago i realised what a great actor she really is. it appears that she isnt going to appear in as many episodes on SG-1 in season 9 and i think that is a pity but what can you do.
  • A great but to not enough recognized actress

    I love Amanda Tapping, especially in her hit series Stargate SG-1!!
    She really has this ability to play serious, funny, or sexy characters!! And, moreover, I admire her because it must be really extremely hard to learn all these technical astrophysical terms she uses in Stargate!! I mean, I don't know who else could do it so perfectly??!!