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  • What can I say about her...just one of the best out there

    What more can I say about her and I haven't even started it. At first, I didn't realize how good she was, but after watching her in Stargate SG-1, I just realized that she's very talented. She acts when she needs to including in one of the episodes she stars in where she's under some kind of "plague." That would have to be one of my favorite episodes for her. It's too bad that the show she hosted, "Proof Positive," had to end. I really liked her a the host.

    For the future, I hope gets more roles on TV and in movies if possible. People overlook her because of the fact that she's in a sci-fi series which isn't very popular among people. She's funny and intelligent too which gives her an advantage. She's one of the actresses at the top of my list for favorite sci-fi actresses. You should make her you favorite too!