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  • Amanda Tapping is a really great actress.

    Amanda Tapping is a really great actress. When I first started to watch Stargate SG-1 she was the main reason. She is just so great at acting and is just captivating. To me she is the main character of the show. I don't really like watching Stargate Atlantis but I started to watch it when Amanda became a main person in the show. When they replaced her I stopped watching it unless one of the SG-1 people were on it. The main reason I stated to watch Sanctuary is because Amanda was in it. It is a really good show that I am glad she is apart of. She has got to be one the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She looks good with dark hair but she is absolutely stunning with blond hair. Also I like it better when she has short hair but she looks good with long hair as well. I have never met her but she seems like a really nice person that is really funny. I hope to see her more often in movies and TV shows.