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    • Amanda Tapping: (on winning her first Saturn Award) All I can say is thank God 'Buffy's off the air, I was starting to feel like Susan Lucci.

    • Amanda's quote concerning the tragic events of September 11, 2001:
      It has taken a few days to process the events of Tuesday. Let us pray that the response to this is one of learning. We have the opportunity as a collective global conscience to move now towards peace. This is our wake up call. We must weigh our options carefully with foresight and with grace. I hope that people pray for positive change and for peace. I pray for the victims and their families. I pray for to why this happened and what we are to learn from this. I pray for hope, and for thinking with "reason", and for compassion. I pray that as a global community we keep our hearts open. I pray that no more innocent people are killed or have their lives torn apart by hate and ignorance. We CAN affect change if we keep believing in the sanctity of human life and if we do not become purveyors of violence. I pray that you all find peace and joy in your lives and in your hearts.

      Vancouver, September 15, 2001