Amber Nash

Amber Nash

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  • Amber Nash on Season 2 of Archer.
  • Amber Nash on Season 2 of Archer.
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    Amber/Pam.. If you read this review, I just want you to know that Im not a big fan of Adult Swim Shows.. but when I got introduced to this show... I laughed my ass off!! You are by far my fav person in Archer! Your true colors dont really come out till 2nd season but it didnt matter because you still were my Fav in season 1. Thanks so much for making me laugh. Laughter is the best thing for anyone. I hope Archer seasons just keep on coming! Don't ever quit or cancel this show! I even bought your Pam shirt off FX for a x-mas present for Thanks for being such a tough bitch..and a funny one at that! You kick ass! Sending you lots of love kid. Peacemoreless