Amber Riley

Amber Riley


2/15/1986, Los Angeles, California, United States

Birth Name

Amber Patrice Riley


  • Amber Riley on Glee Seaosn 4.
  • Amber Riley returns as Mercedes on Glee.
  • Amber Riley (Mercedes) performs on Glee ...
  • Amber Riley returns as Mercedes on Glee ...
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Amber Riley is a young actress and musician who has had a lot of hard breaks in Hollywood. She was a contestant on American Idol at 17, but got rejected. Then her pilot St. Sass wasn't picked up, but her luck has started to turn. She then landed…more


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    • Amber: (On auditioning for Glee) I started singing at age two and my mother noticed that gift and immediately started training me vocally. I heard about Glee at the end of the audition process, I went in initially thinking the role was more of a background gig and soon learned it was a co-starring role! Everything happened so fast and I'm blessed to be a part of something so influential to young people and to be having so much fun living a part of my dream!

    • Amber:(On how Hollywood has responded to her weight) I actually noticed it more when I was younger which is why I stopped, it was getting to my self-esteem. But once I learned I am not my dress size and to never let anyone put me in a box, I was more content with being myself and letting the world see my light shine.

    • Amber: I like to describe my style as comfortable classy chic. I love to have clothes that I can mix and match to either dress up or dress down. I have expensive pieces in my closet but this girl does not turn a blind eye to the sales rack! I love a bargain! Fashion knows no price tag in my eyes!

    • Amber:(On her time in high school) I kind of had a life outside of high school. I was singing in background, singing in choir, studio work. There wasn't a glee club in my school, and if there was I sincerely apologize, I had no idea.

    • Amber: You're not your dress size, you're not your shoe size, you're not your pants size. If I'm going to wear a name tag, it's going to say 'Amber Riley,' not 'Fat Girl'!

    • Amber: (On difficult songs in Glee) I don't consider myself a "gritty" singer as they say. I have a softer toned voice and I'm not a belter by nature. So doing songs like "Bust Your Windows" was kind of difficult. I had to dig deep from a different place.

    • Amber: I was actually 2 years old when mother discovered how much I loved music and how easy it was for me to pick up the songs that she would sing. My first performance was at a park. I just remember singing and a lot of clapping at the end, but I was only 4 at the time.

    • Amber: My favorite place is on my couch in my living room! I'm such a homebody, I love just chillin' at home.

    • Amber: God is my greatest inspiration in life. And my family inspires and encourages me always. I'm really blessed.

    • Amber: (On her character in Glee) What people are going to see about Mercedes Jones, they see the diva and the attitude, but they're going to find a beautiful insecurity that turns into an acceptance later on in the episodes, with herself. In high school, a lot of girls judge themselves on if they have a boyfriend, that means that they're pretty and she goes through the "I want to be in a relationship! Everybody else is in a relationship!" And she just finds out that love yourself and that's not all you need, but it's a lot of what you need.

    • Amber:(On her solo slated for the third episode of Glee) I was nervous when I saw the background dancers for the first time because they're so tall and they're kicking their legs up in the middle. I'm like, my head's gonna be chopped off. I hadn't danced for a long time but now I'm really comfortable. I was singing for a long time, doing open mikes, everywhere in Santa Monica, L.A., Hollywood. So performing is what I'm used to. I'm a little more comfortable doing this than the acting part.

    • Amber: (On getting rejected on American Idol) My life was crushed when they told me 'No.' But I was 17, it was a long time ago and rejection like that only makes you stronger, gets you asking - how can I better myself?