Amber Smith





3/2/1972 , Tampa, Florida

Birth Name




Amber Smith began modeling at the age of fifteen and moved to Europe the next year where she worked for four years changing her hair color from blond to red to enhance her similarity to 1940’s movie star, Rita Hayworth. As a photographer’s model she appeared on numerous fashion and adult magazine covers and was the first Wonderbra model. She went on to appear in advertising for L'Oreal, Buffalo Jeans, Camel Kahlua, Volkswagen, and Panama Jack to name a few. Amber moved to Los Angeles to begin her second career before the age of twenty-three. Numerous small roles followed the most notable being the part of Susan Lefferts, a Rita Hayworth look alike, in L.A. Confidentialand another role Hayworth role in HBO's The Rat Pack.
Recently she played the staring role of Angelica in the Cinemax after Dark erotic series, Sin City Diaries.