Amber Wallace

Amber Wallace


5/14/1987, Atlanta, Georgia

Birth Name

Amber Brooke Wallace



Also Known As

Amber Brooke, Amber Brooke Wallace
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Ambers' top three movies are Underworld, Empire Strikes Back, and Constintine.

    • Ambers inspiration in music comes from her father. He is a guitarist/lyricist so music was always around while she was growing up.

    • When Amber was about five years old, her mother enrolled her in acting classes to her with her modeling. This is where she was discovered by a manager who got her her first role in the movie, "The Oldest Living Confederate Widow". She played Diane Lane and Donald Sutherland's daughter. From that moment on, she was in love with acting.

    • Ambers mom started her in modeling when she was just a baby.

    • Amber is a nail biter.

    • Amber once wore her pajamas to school.

    • Amber is really ticklish.

    • Throughout her life, Amber has had many pets. Some of the pets she has owned are cats, dogs, fish, frogs, gerbils, and mice.

    • Amber dislikes emo, country, rap, and classical music. She dislikes some pop music as well.

    • Her favorite colors are black, green, and gray

    • Amber wears both contacts and glasses.

    • Amber has green eyes.

    • She has a best friend named Amanda.

    • When it comes to movie directors, Amber considers Tim Burton and Danny Elfman to be her heroes.

    • Amber's band members include Nathan Breazeale on drums, Michael Bass on guitar, Willi Boos on guitar and backup vocals, and Logan Daniels on bass.

    • She has an album out entitled, "Don't Label Me."

    • Amber made her first TV appearance in the 1994 made-for-TV movie, Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All. She played baby #4.

    • Amber plays, Vita, it the made for TV film, The Initiation of Sarah.

    • A list of her awards:

      Creative Loafing Reader's Choice Best Local Vocalist for 2005!!!!
      2004 3rd Place – Just Plain Folks Alternative Album of the Year
      2004 2nd Place – Just Plain Folks Punk Song of the Year for "Paper Doll" 2004 4th Place – Just Plain Folks Alternative Song of the Year for "Nobody"
      2004 6th Place – Just Plain Folks Alternative Song of the Year for "Confinement"
      2004 Nominee – Just Plain Folks Punk Song of the Year for "Slacker"
      2003 1st Place – Rocket To Fame – Female Vocals, Acoustic and Soft Rock/Pop Categories
      2002 Just Plain Folks Horizon Award Winner
      Runner Up 2002 John Lennon Songwriting Contest for "So Small"
      Honorable Mention: 2002 International Songwriting Competition for "Michelle's Song"
      1st Place: NCSA Songwriting Competition;
      4th Place Overall for "So Small"
      Two Time MakeAStar Champion for "Michelle's Song" and "These Games"
      1st Place: Mova Arts Festival for "So Small"
      Finalist Pontiac Vibe Sound Off Contest for "So Small"
      JP Folks 2002 Nominee for "These Games"
      2003 AOL Tonos Musician of the Week
      Rock Solid Pressure Grand Champion

    • She is the lead singer of her own band and has written and received numerous awards for her songwriting.

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