Amelia Heinle

Amelia Heinle


3/17/1973, Phoenix, Arizona

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Also Known As

Ameila Heinle, Amelia Weatherly
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Amelia Heinle was born on March 17 1973 in Phoenix, Arizona, and is best known for her work on daytime soap operas.

From 1993-1995, she played the role of Stephanie "Steffi" Brewster on the soap opera Loving. She also played the character in that show's short lived…more


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    • Amelia: (on what people would be surprised to know about her) I actually do have a lot to say. I don't talk much at work. I think that people think that I am very young and quiet and maybe a little stupid.

    • Amelia: I wasn't very successful as a model, but I learned a lot and it was fun.

    • Amelia: I give the people who do hour shows a lot of credit. I don't know how they do it. I would have ulcers.

    • Amelia: (on her first audition for 'Loving') I was a mess. I didn't even consider that I had much of a chance. [laughs]

    • Amelia: (on her ex-husband, Michael Weatherly) God love him. He's cool. He does his thing and I do mine. We talk all the time because of August.

    • Amelia: (on her son, August) He wasn't born in August. That's the most common question I get. It was the month of August and I was driving along, taking a trip. I was pregnant, and I thought, 'I'd like to call him August.' It means one who is well-respected, and I like that. And it's a family name. August is my life; he keeps me pretty busy.

    • Amelia: (on handling compliments about her beauty) I've never had one. I had someone ask me for her pen back once, because I was signing as fast as I could. She wanted to get to another actor at a fan event. She didn't even want my autograph! Honestly, nobody goes around that often saying I'm beautiful. If someone were to say that I'm beautiful, I'd say, 'Oh, thank you'. I'm better with compliments now than when I was younger.

    • Amelia: (on Australia) The people I talk to say there are more men than women there. They say, 'if you want a man, go to Australia'.

    • Amelia: (would she get involved with another actor?) Yes, I would. You meet people and they are decent. I'm an actor and I'm decent. But I'm not looking right now. It takes too much effort!

    • Amelia: (on where the name August came for her son's name) It was summer and my ex and I were thinking of names. My middle name is March and he thought that was cute. Then I said, 'What about a month name, something like August?' He was like, 'Yeah. August. That sounds good and very different'. I wanted something strong. People make fun of it all the time, but screw them!

    • Amelia: (on being a mum) I love it. My brother lives with us, and he's nannying for me. He's 23 and a dude, so he doesn't really know what to do. He's Mrs Doubtfire! I get calls once in a while when my son and brother are squabbling. I go, 'What did you do? That's not good'. It's awesome being a mother. From the minute my son was born till now, it's been the best.

    • Amelia: (asked if she would dress like Victoria in real life) Heck, no! I have to wear five-inch-high (12cm) heels!

    • Amelia: (on nailing scenes quickly) When I first came on the show, Eric Braeden (Victor) was like, 'Let's go, let's go!' It just comes to them because of their years of experience in their roles. I like to be right there with them. I wanted them to like me, and not be the loser new girl! It's like being accepted into the popular clique in school.

    • Amelia: (on playing Victoria Newman) This is the best soap role I have had, or probably will ever have. On Loving, I was a kid and learning how to do things. On AMG, it was fizzle, fizzle and stand in the plant. I feel like this is my first time, my first soap, my first real soap. I have a storyline and I am prominent.

    • Amelia: (on being compared with Heather Tom's portrayal of Victoria Newman) To tell you the truth, from the beginning everyone was very nice in that way. I was surprised they were open to me in the role by not using a comparison to Heather. There were many qualities that Victoria had when Heather played her, but I wanted to bring other qualities. Luckily, the fans and everyone at Y&R gave me that chance.

  • I love Amelia. I especially love her with Billy. They are the perfect match! I do not have a problem with her hair either (which some people can't seem to get over)! I love the rebel in her and her don't give a damn what people think about her looks.moreless

    I think that Victoria beautiful! I think the writers need to allow Victoria to think for herself instead of listening to what Victor says she should do, especially when it comes to her and Billy! Why can't they just leave them alone? They are my favorite characters on the show! :)
  • I like Amelia.I feel she would come across as a wife,mother and business woman if she would get an updated hairstyle.Her hair is ugly and makes her look unkept.Might help if it were combed before the show.Our HAIR IS OUR CROWN.HERS LOOKS DIRTY AND UGLY.moreless

    I like Amelia.She would make a better impression if she got an updated hair style.Her hair looks dirty and takes a lot away from her appearance.She does not look smart enough to be a business woman.Have u ever seen a corp head look as crazy as she does?