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Amy Acker

Amy Acker


12/5/1976, Dallas, Texas, United States

Birth Name

Amy Louise Acker



Also Known As

Amy "Ack-Ack" Acker
  • Amy Acker in Happy Town.
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As a child, Amy studied ballet, modern and jazz. she graduated with a degree in acting from Southern Methodist University.

In 1999 she got a break when she landed a major role on the series Angel.

In April 2003, Amy wed James Carpinello. The two welcoming their first child, son Jackson, in January 2005.



Trivia and Quotes

  • shes a witty actress

    she has a great smile and she`s beautiful really beautiful
  • Amy Acker is unique!

    I've seen Amy for the first time in the POI and she immediately became one of my favorite actresses ever and took a very special place in my comprehension. Another terrific work is her role in "Dear Santa" - a continuous bliss of contemplation of her fabulous character! She is absolutely GREAT and unique in terms of human touch and soul warmth!!! Even playing a killer (Ms. Groves) she gains full sympathy and you suddenly become her ardent supporter, and it already doesn't matter, what she's doing. You just clearly know and FEEL, that she's fantastic and delightful! It's an amazing enjoyment to relish each single moment of her being present in the frame - her gestures, gait, the way how she turns her head, her facial expressions, unique tone of her voice and, of course, her absolutely magical smile... she's adorably, breathtakingly beautiful and draws you into an incredible experience of pure miracle. I don't know any other actress in our days (even among the world's best ones), who have such a direct and even unconscious reach to your heart. It's really magic! A HUGE-HUGE thanks and deep reverence to Amy for her being an actress, as it does bestow us a blessed opportunity to admire her preeminent exquisiteness and attaches us to the inspiring perfection!moreless