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  • Isn't she the best?

    My favourite TV character of all-time. (ie. Root from Person of Interest). Amy does more with a simple cock of the head or posture adjustment than most actresses do in a lifetime. Only problem is following up on one of the great TV characters will be so difficult. She has to find the right role and turn down lots of TV crud.
  • shes a witty actress

    she has a great smile and she`s beautiful really beautiful
  • Amy Acker is unique!

    I've seen Amy for the first time in the POI and she immediately became one of my favorite actresses ever and took a very special place in my comprehension. Another terrific work is her role in "Dear Santa" - a continuous bliss of contemplation of her fabulous character! She is absolutely GREAT and unique in terms of human touch and soul warmth!!! Even playing a killer (Ms. Groves) she gains full sympathy and you suddenly become her ardent supporter, and it already doesn't matter, what she's doing. You just clearly know and FEEL, that she's fantastic and delightful! It's an amazing enjoyment to relish each single moment of her being present in the frame - her gestures, gait, the way how she turns her head, her facial expressions, unique tone of her voice and, of course, her absolutely magical smile... she's adorably, breathtakingly beautiful and draws you into an incredible experience of pure miracle. I don't know any other actress in our days (even among the world's best ones), who have such a direct and even unconscious reach to your heart. It's really magic! A HUGE-HUGE thanks and deep reverence to Amy for her being an actress, as it does bestow us a blessed opportunity to admire her preeminent exquisiteness and attaches us to the inspiring perfection!
  • Amy Acker is a sexy,smart and talented actress.

    Amy Acker as always been a great actress in Angel from what ive seen she as great acting for emotions including sadness, happiness, craziness. What can I say Winifred is great and so is Illyria although Illryia is for superior than Winifred she is the sort of character you fall in love with. Amy Ackers acting in the episodes just gets better and better especially in season 5 were she in one of the episodes were she is dying really shes her skills and commitment to acting and as Illryia she is so different and yet as still got the great skills.
  • I love her in Angel.

    Winifred Burkle, is in a hell dimension at first but Angel saves her and brings her back to Earth. Well she eventually comes back to acting normal, and you start to her beauty and kindness, I think she was right up there as one of the best female characters on Angel. Amy Acker I think should become a star in movies. I love her.
  • She was great in Angel!

    Amy Acker was added to the regular cast of Angel in season 3. She played a sort of nerd throughout the season who had many relationships with different boys. Firstly she had a relationship with Gunn who was played on the series Angel by J. August Richards. Secondly after that had broke up, she finally started a romantic connection with Wesley in the episode 'Smile Time' who had been smitten by her for a long time.

    The Next episode however Fred died and her body was taken over by the demon Illyria. This was a fantastic storyline and she was great as a completely different character.

    I haven't seen her on Alias yet so I cant really judge her on her peformance there.
  • We have not seen much of her since Angel ended, I know I would like that to change.

    I really think Amy has a nice range, though it may not be the largest. She defenitely has a comfort zone in characters like Fred, from I have seen off Angel. That role seemed to come very naturally to her.

    But then in the final season of the show we really got to see her streatch her wings as Illyria, a demon of sorts. She really got to lay out a whiole different character, the likes of which couldn't have even been predicted. It was such a change from Fred and something I really enjoyed seeing her portray, even though it was only for a short time.
  • i think shes great!!!

    i first saw amy acker on angel, playing fred- and i love fred- shes my favourite angel character, and because of her, i got into other great shows such as supernatural and alias. she does an excellent portrayal of an array of different characters, from sweet, innocent winifred burkle to illyria and kelly (on alias) she is a great actress who can pull of any sort of role with extreme talent and is completely believeable. did i metion that she is one of my favourite actresses??? i have seen most of her roles now and think she was best on angel!!!!!
  • Wonderful character actress with a knack for being awesome with firearms.

    Amy Acker is one of those actresses that I'll watch on anything. Alias as a bad guy? Yeah, I watched her. Supernatural as a helpless protagonist? Yeah, that one too. How I Met Your Mother as a random character? Yeah, in the category of "Of course" as well. What I mean is even if she showed up as a dead body on CSI (which I don't care for), I'll watch it. She is one of the few actresses I'll freak out for when I see her name. Oh yeah, Justice League as a superhero? Yeah, that too.
  • A very talented actress thats proves she can do both bad and good characters.

    I first noticed Amy when she played her role as Winifred "Fred" Burkle in the hit series Angel.
    Her acting skills show that she can play a variety of roles. I liked how she played Fred as she acted that adorable style perfectly. Also she played her character very realisticly.Later in the series she showed she could act really well as changed her style with the cold Illyria in Angel series 5. During the change she managed to act the whole death/sadness really well.

    Miss Acker also shows that she act heartless with the bad character in Alias.

    I find that Amy stands out with other actresses as she plays all types of characters perfectly and she is very under used.
  • Simply wonderful.

    Amy Acker has been one of my many favorite actress ever since I saw her as Winifred Burkle on Angel. I think that she proved herself and to everyone else that she has woderful talent as an actress when she played Illyria in the last season of Angel. It was very sad not having Fred around but I thought it was really great seeing Amy play Illyria. She played a really evil person on Alias as Kelly in Alias last season and I thought she was pretty good playing Kelly.

    Hopefully, Amy will keep finding good roles on Tv and in movies.

  • She is a great actress but is only doing little things.

    The things she's been in have been big like Angel but now that thats over shes still still doing little parts she need to pump it up doin g movies, or being the star of a new show. She is such a great actress but shes only in small parts now.
  • she was outstanding star in angel.Look I'm 35 in the army in Kuwait and I love show.I wish you would have done more with her.If you could send me a pic. of the whole group if not i will the show and wish it would not have stop.

    At first I did not like her in the show, very soon I love her role.I did 5 years of acting.I feel she brought the show together.I love the way she keep herself at first and then show she was strong.I hate when thay make a movie showing weman.
  • Amy Acker is one of the best actors out there.

    Amy Acker has been my favorite actress ever since I first saw her as Winifred Burkle on Angel. She finally got a chance to prove to everyone else that she has excellent talent as an actress when she played Illyria in season 5 of Angel. It was heartbreaking to have Fred gone, but it was great seeing Amy as Illyria as well. Since the idiots at CBS recast her role in The Unit, at least we got to see Amy in a guest starring role on Supernatural and as a recurring star on Alias this season. I love seeing her as a villian on Alias. I wish the show was not ending this season. Amy was also great in the short film "Mr. Dramatic" with Oliver Hudson. I really hope that Amy continues to find good work and that we get to see a lot more of her in tv and film.