Amy Adams

Amy Adams


8/20/1974, Vicenza, Italy

Birth Name

Amy Lou Adams


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Amy Adams was born August 20, 1974 in a military base in Vicenza, Italy to American parents Richard and Kathryn Adams. Growing up in Colorado and Minnesota, Amy was inspired to act, and joined several local dinner theater companies. In 1998, she was spotted by a Minnesota movie…more


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    • Amy: (on Fozie being her favorite muppett as a child) Growing up, "wocka wocka" was like my thing...I would tell a joke and then go, "Wocka wocka!" I was a bit of a nerd.

    • Amy: (on her roles with The Muppetts and Man of Steel) I was a huge Superman fan growing up as well. So, between 'The Muppets' and Superman,' I feel like it's like, 'Wow! What else?'

    • Amy: (on keeping herself grounded) I always had a larger view. I'm interested in real life - my family, my friends. I have tried never to define myself by my success, whatever that is. My happiness is way beyond roles and awards.

    • Amy: (on working at Hooters before she became famous) Well, I'd spent a lot of time doing theater and hanging around in tights and leotards. I wasn't overly shy, so I couldn't imagine there'd be much difference - a little pair of shorts, a little top. [But] there was a big difference!

    • Amy: (in 2009 about filming two movies with Meryl Streep) What can I say? That she wanted to work with me again... gave me a huge faith in myself, a real sense of validity. I still geek out on her at the most inappropriate moments. I still gush, but that's part of my stage fright. She set an example. There was no hand-holding, no condescending. What else could give you more confidence and more reason to do your best?

    • Amy: (on being a role model for young girls) It's a honor. Little bit of pressure. I don't worry about it too much, though, because I think I'm pretty well-behaved.

    • Amy: (about meeting her very young Enchanted fans who think she's really a princess) I'll introduce myself as Amy, and I'll be very kind to them, of course. I would have loved to meet Julie Andrews when I was a kid, and I'm sure she would have been lovely, and that's my intention now, as well.

    • Amy: I am completely open to dying my hair from a role. If you look closely, my Enchanted character Giselle had blonde hair for a second. I am happy that Disney agreed with me that I looked much better as a redhead. When I died my hair red the first time, I felt as if it was what nature intended. I have been accused of being a bit of a spitfire, so in that way, I absolutely live up to the stereotype. The red hair suits my personality. I was a terrible blonde!

    • Amy: (about her role in Enchanted) I was a real dork in high school, singing up and down the hallways, so all I can say is that I was well-studied!

    • Amy: (On her favorite Disney princess) I like Cinderella, I really do. She has a good work ethic. I appreciate a good, hard-working gal. And she likes shoes. The fairy tale is all about the shoe at the end, and I'm a big shoe girl.

    • Amy (On what she thinks she is best known for) It depends on who you ask. A lot of people say Catch Me If You Can, but then there are diehard Buffy fans, where nothing exists except my guest spot on Buffy.

    • Amy (On family): I'm one of seven kids. That'll keep your ego in check.

    • Amy (On her character in "Junebug"): I think a lot of times we don't pay enough attention to people with a positive attitude because we assume they are naive or stupid or unschooled. But what if she sees the truth about her life, understands it all and ultimately makes the choice that this is what she wants? Is she goofy? Yes. But she could ultimately be the most intelligent person in the movie.

    • Amy: I didn't get into acting to have a moment, I got into it because of people who've inspired me, like Judi Dench, Holly Hunter, and Jodie Foster.

    • Amy: (on working at Hooters) ..was a short enough period of my life. I always find it fascinating that it's become my entire press career a while. I'm glad that I finally get to talk to people so they can like put a person with the Hooters girl. It's good. It was fine. It took care of me for a while.

  • Amy Adams is, in my opinion, the most beautiful woman in the movies. The beauty shines from every pore. Since I first saw her on TV to the fine movies she has appeared in, I have fallen in love with this lovely princess. I am an old fashioned romanticmoreless

    When I first noticed Amy, she was guest starring on a Buffy episode as Tara's cousin Beth. I followed her career as she moved onto Charmed, That 70's Show, and the Smallville episode. When I first saw 'Enchanted' I fell absolutely in love with this beautiful young lady. I had seen her as a blond, but her change to red-head was amazing. She became a completely new and incredible talent. Never have I seen such a coming-out movie as 'Enchanted'. She appears to me to be the real deal. A beautiful, kind, joyful personality that shows all on the screen. I wish that she had gotten this big break while she was in her twenties so that they could make an 'Enchanted' sequel while she is still youthful. I understand the worldwide box office take on the movie was incredible. That would normally trigger the big-money dudes at Disney to trigger the 'Giselle in Manhattan' screenplays. When all is said, I watch her career with wonder as she chooses the good scripts and stays away from the trash that some other 'starlets' have jumped on. She is my personal favorite.moreless
  • Love her!!

    Amy Adams is an amazing actress and singer. I have only seen her in Enchanted so far, but she did one hell of a job playing a fairytale girl. I thought the movie was really sweet and funny too. My grandparents loved it too! You know, it kinda reminded me of the old Disney princess movies I used to watch when I was little. Amy has a beautiful singing voice too. I love the songs she sings in Enchanted. She can sing a little pop and classical. Her voice is meant for Broadway. She is amazing! I even have her songs from Enchanted on my iPod. She is sooo talented!!!moreless