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Amy Birnbaum is a voice actress well known in the properties of 4Kids Entertainment, and is well liked for her voice as Stella, on Winx Club


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  • A brilliant voice actor.

    She sounded REALLY close to Fushigi Yamada for Max/Masato and more importantly she sounded genuine and heartfelt in the role. Max being a curious little boy who's intelligent but also just wondering about the world around him. Coupled with her work as Tea Gardner/Anzu Mazaki in Yu-Gi-Oh!, she's a brilliant voice actor. Shame she's been inactive since 2007, last playing Charmy the Bee.
  • Good at some roles, not so good at some others.

    I have noticed most of the reviews here are for the voice of Anzu Mazaki/Téa Gardner, from what I have heard of the Japanese version, I do think the voice is good for her so I give this actress credit for that.

    Her voice of Max on Pokémon, while I have never heard his Japanese voice so I can not tell the difference, as I have no hatred on Nintendo 4Kids dubs, I am neutral on this one but I think it was a nice voice for him.

    Now I get to the Sonic X anime which I hate the dubbed version of to be honest. In the original Sonic series on Sonic Heroes, Charmy was voiced by Emily Corkery who fit Charmy's personallity perfectly. She gave Charmy the voice you would expect from a 6 year old boy in real life and fitted his hyperactive, scatterbrained and childish personallity perfectly like his Japanese voice actress did. While Amy Birnbaum does not fit Charmy at all. The voice she gave Charmy makes his sound much older then he is (makes him sound about 14 IMO) and she also does not fit his personallity well. Instead of making Charmy hyper and energetic as he is supposed to be, she made him sound sarcastic and slightly mellow. It bothers me that some people like the voice for that, but it's not SUPPOSED to be like that, it's out of character for Charmy. It's in Charmy's bio and the Team Chaotix theme song for him to be hyper and scatterbrained.

    And now Cosmo, while she gave her a nice voice, she lack a LOT of the emotion that Cosmo's japanese voice actress Etsuko Kozakura gave to her. She sounded less caring then she did in the Japanese version and less conserned in certain areas. While the sound of her voice was good for Cosmo, her attitude and personallity were not.

    A 7.2 for Amy Birnbaummoreless