Amy Bruckner

Amy Bruckner


3/28/1991, Conifer, Colorado

Birth Name

Amelia Ellen Bruckner



Also Known As

Amelia Bruckner
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Birthdate: March 28th 1991 Birth place: Conifer, Colorado, USA. Amy Bruckner was born Amelia Ellen Bruckner, she has one sister, Annaye and she also has a dog name Matilda. Amy is 5'2, stars as Pim Diffy in the Disney Channel hit tv show "Phil of the Future", will…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Amazing Amy!

    Amy Bruckner makes me laugh so hard, especially on Phil of the Future. She plays Pim Diffy, and she does a wonderful job at it.

    I have seen the reviews here, and I don't like all the flaming and arguing that is going on. It's alright to dislike her work, but don't be so hateful about it. And it's alright to disagree with a review you don't like, but you don't have to flame the reviewer and curse them out because of it. That's just immature.

    Now, I think Amy is a great actress, and if you don't agree with me, it's alright. That's just my opinion. I think she does a great job on Phil of the Future, and I can't wait to see her in other shows and possibly a movie or two.

    Amy, keep up the great work. I hope I see more appearances of you on TV.moreless
  • Amy is a good actress who is original and not like other actresses her age....

    I liked her in Phil of the Future because she make her character really original without overdoing it. She can make random things seem funny. I absolutly loved her as Pim. She would be great with her own tv show! She is talanted and should act more. She is really like not other actresses her age about acting all girly but she makes it girly but funny at the same time and its more funny when you cant her the audience laugh in the backround like some comedy shows.moreless