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  • Amy, I will always be a fan of yours.

    What good things may I say about Amy Carlson that haven't already been said? I first discovered how talented she is from her work as Alex Taylor on "Third Watch". When her character met an extremely gruesome death, I felt the rug had been pulled out from under me, because I had grown to enjoy watching her as a brave firefighter/reluctant paramedic. I eagerly hoped Amy would quickly find another show in which her talent could shine through. "Peacemakers" soon followed, and I thought she was great as Katie Owen....another strong female character I was wowed by. The show sadly fizzled for reasons which I am still puzzled. To make a long story short: I wish with all my heart that "Drift" will turn out to be an absolute smash hit for Amy. SHE IS AWESOME.
  • One of the best individual performances ever on Law & Order, The Dead Wives Club.

    Amy Carlson turned in a remarkable performance on Law & Order in The Dead Wives Club. This actress is very talented. I'd like to see her doing more challenging work. She was really underused in Law & Order, Trial By Jury.

    I knew nothing about Amy until seeing her on Law & Order, but was so impressed that I had to look her up on-line.

    I wish her much success. I'm really a fan now.


  • Amy Carlson used to be one of my favourite actresses, but now she can't stay with a show to long because she gets bored to easily. I think she ruined her entire acting career when she joined Law & Order: Trial By Jury!

    Amy Carlson is a great actress, but she can not stay with a series for a long time, that's one of the reasons why she is not my favourite actress anymore. The series "Third Watch" made Amy Carlson a star (in my opinion), but then she left and later became a series regular on the series Law and Order: Trial by Jury, which is also another reason why she is no longer my favourite actress. Her character on Third Watch was one of my favourite characters out of all of them, but her acting career sucks (in my opinion). A lot of people like her because she played Alex Taylor on the series Third Watch.