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    • Amy (on what she was surprised with about being on "American Idol"): The most surprising part for me was to see celebrities. I'm from Indiana and you just don't see a lot of celebrities in Indiana. I saw Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton and I was completely starstruck. I think Patricia actually looked at me. The first time she made eye contact with me I had this look of, "Whoa there's Patricia Heaton and I watch her on 'Everybody Love Raymond.'"

    • Amy (on if she bonded with her fellow contestants on "American Idol"): I really became good friends with Amanda Overmyer. We're both from Indiana and she lives near Purdue University, which is where I did undergrad in college, so we knew a lot of the same areas and the same venues we performed at. We were able to connect on that level. She's great, I wish her the best of luck. I wish all of the contestants the best of luck and I'll be voting for all of them.

    • Amy (on if she felt "American Idol" took a toll on her): Absolutely. I cannot tell you how much this show takes out of you -- emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually. You are working so hard and so much for most of the time, with very little downtime. But 'American Idol' is so huge, the biggest platform for a musician or performer, that you've got to give every ounce of energy. It's a wonderful opportunity, but it absolutely takes a toll on you.

    • Amy (on what she learned from "American Idol"): One of the things I learned was how a huge television show was put together. I got to see all the behind the scenes of the people that do the work. The stage guys, the sound guys, publicity, legal, all of that. I have so much respect for them and it was just really a cool thing. Sort of like when you're a kid and you're watching 'Mister Rogers' and he goes into a manufacturing plant ... to show you how something is made, that's kind of how I felt about all the people making 'American Idol.'

    • Amy (on if she was surprised about being eliminated): I really didn't have a good performance so I wasn't surprised. I was actually waiting for Ryan to call my name. I've been using an ear monitor for the past two years consistently and the way my brain works, it's very mechanical. I just could not retrain my ears quick enough to stay on key. So it was just my "bad skill" that I could not improve quickly enough.

    • Amy (on the hardest part of being on "American Idol"): The toughest part for me was the pressure of how huge 'American Idol' is and the performance that they want from each and every contestant. It's a lot of pressure, and it creates a lot of anxiety and nervousness. It was very hard for me to channel that into some sort of productive or less distractive manner.

    • Amy: I want to be the next American Idol because I love to sing, I know everybody here loves to sing and it's a really great thing to have that sort of outlet. I love to perform, I feel at home behind the microphone and I want to keep on doing that the rest of my life.

    • Amy: The weirdest thing that I've ever eaten is something that I eat a lot. To me it isn't very weird, but I guess to a lot of other people it is very weird. U eat a lot of things just made out of tofu such us, toferki, fake baloney, fake cheese, fake everything. It is made with soy, which is what tofu is, so a lot of people think that's weird, but I eat it all the time, so it's good to me.

    • Amy: I've had a couple of interesting jobs in my job history and one of them was working in a hot dog stand. I'm vegan, but back then I used to eat two hot dogs a day, every day in the summer, it was my summer job. And then the other one was working at a dog boarding hotel, it was a very lavish facility where dogs, they have their own suite and beds, toys, they get to go outside and play with the other dogs, open Christmas presents during Christmas, watch dog movies like 101 Dalmatians, it was a very interesting job, I really loved it.

    • Amy: My family has helped me pursue my dream by being supportive. They've always thought that I had talent. They love to hear me sing and that really helps me feel confident and so that really helps me feel confident when I'm up on stage, when I'm in front of people, I know my family loves me and that has really helped me get through performances or just getting to the performances 'cuz I needed that confidence to get me there.

    • Amy: People would probably be surprised to learn that I am a quarter Japanese, my mother's Japanese and with that, I've received through the genes and enzyme deficiency and it has to do with alcohol, so I can't drink. I have an enzyme missing in my liver to breakdown alcohol, so I can't drink.

    • Amy: I don't think I'm like any previous American Idol contestant, I really don't. I'm a folk singer and there hasn't been a ton of that on the show before, so I don't think I'm like anybody else, but we'll see.

    • Amy: My favorite performer is a woman called Patty Griffin. She's folk, pop, folk-country. She's an amazing singer, amazing song writer, as a matter of fact last season Kelly [Clarkson] covered one of her songs during the benefit portion of one of the shows and I couldn't believe it when Kelly started singing that song, I was so excited for Patty because she deserves it. She's an amazing song writer and an amazing singer.

    • Amy: If I don't become the next American Idol, I'm not gonna be crushed, I'm not gonna feel like, this was my only chance. Just being in this whole, prestige of this whole experience has given me a kind of validation, a confirmation that not a lot of people get to have. Making it this far has given me the confirmation that I do have some talent and that I should continue pursuing it even if I don't fit for what American wants as their American Idol, but I'm hopeful that it's gonna work out.

    • Amy: Some of my other talents, I guess I don't really have that many. I like to clean, I'm great at cleaning, I would consider that a talent I guess. I'm pretty good with dogs, I have a couple, two dogs, I'm good at training and making sure that they aren't psycho spaz dogs that you know, people like to… I hate those people.

    • Amy: I started singing when I was a little girl. It was actually, most of the time I was with my family in the car. Kind of, it may be strange, but whenever we drove anywhere we were always singing like, songs like, This Land is Your Land and Mary Had a Little Lamb. Those songs we were always singing, and I have a bunch of siblings, so it was like a little choir in the car.

    • Amy: When I found out I was in the top 24 I was absolutely shocked, I was floored, mainly shocked, I really was. Still feeling shocked, it's amazing really.