Amy Grabow

Amy Grabow


12/18/1982, Huntington Beach, California

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Amy Bernhardt
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Formerly "Rachel Adair" on "General Hospital".

Amy Grabow joined the cast of "General Hospital" in February 2005 as Dr. Rachel Adair. While having a mysterious past with Steven Weber, her character started blackmailing Courtney.
Amy Grabow grew up in in Huntington Beach, California. Amy decided, while…more


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  • I love her! She broke my heart on Supernatural and then on Though none go with me! She's my go to girl when I need a good cry! I want her to do more hallmark films! And she's so pretty. She looks like Molly Sims and Grace Kelly!moreless

    Amy Grabow in Supernatural was a stunner! She played that role amazing! She really made me believe she was terrified for her life. I wish she was on another episode. BRING HER BACK!!! I want to see her with Jensen! There is still hope! OMG I loved her in Though none go with me. I've never cried so hard! I just wish she was in more stuff. It was a totally different role and she nailed it. The part when she finds out her fiance is dead was breathtaking. SO REAL. I also think she rocked on Crossing Jordan. She knows how to cry and knows how to make the viewers cry!moreless
  • I don\'t like her.

    I don't like AG.I am happy they got rid of her. Their were so many better actresses then her and she was getting more airtime then them! I thought she was ok but nothing special at all. I also hated her character very much. She really did nothing for the show IMO.